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Cheaper alternative to a vacuum oven

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Hello, i know some people use a hand pumped vacuum like the ones used in kitchen or in mechanic to purge breaking liquid circuits. any of those hand pump are pretty cheap but do not get to really low presure, but better than nothing i guess.

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Gast makes venturi vacuum generators (no moving parts, just a well-engineered venturi).  Connecting a hose with compressed air, the venturi pump will pull a really good vacuum in your chamber.  Is 27 inches mercury (99 mbars) acceptable for vacuuming BHO?


I am familiar with the VG-065 model or larger.

The selection is based on the volume of the area to be evacuated and how strong the vacuum you want. 

A unit too small for the volume to be evacuated will still eventually reach its advertized vaccuum, it'll just take longer.

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