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 Hello all ,

   New to the group and I had a question.  I am running Royal queens northern lights and I was wondering if anyone had a journal or some good info on the strain. Just about 4'' in veg. Feeding habits,  stress responsiveness, ???.....  Also growing in Hydro so please take that mind. Thank you, cheers-

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Hello Bravokilo, welcome to the forum :)

In the TEST section or in the GROWING section you can find a lot of growing journals, many of them on NL

I have not cultivated for some time, but I remember that depends on where you bought the seed, you can have a NL sativa, indicates or something that does not look like a NL ....


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Hey there Bravokilo,

I have a couple journals about my Northern Lights somewhere in here. 

I grew Northern Lights from Bulldog Seeds outdoors 2014 and it grew Sativa-like to about 5 feet.  Had to harvest her early.

Then the next year, I had three clones from the original mother outdoors, but the deers and slugs wasted them.  The deers left a few tips laying around, and I saved them and grew an indoor batch.  That batch I journalized.  They grew in my indoor grow with a hybrid-like internodal distance and they maintained their Sativa-like thinner leaves.  The flowers were small popcorn-like but really good-tasting smoke.  One of my favorites (I think I still have a half jar of buds in the buds cabinet.).

You can find many Northern Lights grows here by using the search engine at the top of the page.


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