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outdoor plant grow indoor???

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Yeha no worries buddy... grow it indoor, I have done that before ... as there is no such a thing as indoor or outdoor seeds in nature and regular seeds grow perfectly well indoors.

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shaman  & purple #1 from dutch passion, lucky = im just buy 1 seed, bad luck = this is an expensive single seed!

how come i dont read it?! i've buy this 4 or 5 month ago, and have a plan to grow it this week after harvested...

yesterday i came to dutch passion official site to check a detail information about this 2 strains and BOOM!!! ... OUTSIDE!

i have no much option because the seeds are in my hand, but maybe someone have tips & trick for this case...or just do the same way like indoor plant?

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The strains have been created for people in moderate climate so that they finish outdoors on time. 

They will grow of course also indoors and they will be just as nice, the only thing is that they might not turn purple as much as they would outdoors due to the temperatures not dropping in the last weeks. 

Have a good grow and show us once they are growing! 

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It'll grow just fine indoors as well.

Sometimes a plant (Sativas, in particular) will start to stretch into the lamps.

You could top the plant early to mid- or late Vegg (a normal procedure for many Cannabis growers), usually resulting in slowed growth for a week or two, but creating more main bud sites. 

If the stretching gets out-of-hand in the early-to-mid bloom stage, you can squeeze the stems 3, 4 or 5 nodes below the offending tips and bend(but don't snap or kink) the branches down (also a normal procedure for many Cannabis growers).  Assuming that you provide optimum medium and feeding, lighting and temp/humidity conditions, Cannabis plants recover nicely from that;  they repair the squeezed and bent areas even stronger than before, and the added girth helps to transport even more nutrients.  You'll know that the plant is recovering when you see the tip of the plant respond by turning upwards again 12 to 24 hours after the bend.

This would help your single seed to fill its lighted area, hopefully resulting in maximum use of your lighting costs and an increased yield.


If it turns out that despite all efforts to controll height. you are growing a tall girl anyway, then the greatest worry is keeping the lamps away from the plant.  A monster Sativa is not anything I would cry about.  I would celebrate and laugh and take a lot of pictures to post here.  Smoke from monsters is good too.

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i'll follow the suggestion and try

my heart so bumpy to face the fact i should try this



btw, i don't want to start a new topic cause my name appear too much on the question line LOL

but, how to get harvest of super bud a same as like on youtube, in a greenhouse channel,

while arjan & frank demonstrate it, they got a huge harvest, almost 1000g from a 1 plant!

so far, super bud is still my favorite strain to grow by it valuable price & quality, but so far also, my best harvest is around 300g per plant

how come? we have space 700g here

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@Zeq The Grow Session Videos have been done with 1000W HPS per plant and the conditions (environment, temp, nutrients, etc.) have been perfect. It's to show what is possible to achieve if you work precisely but in reality there are not many people using 1000W per plant, except in legal states in the US maybe. 



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A couple other factors that have significant influence on plant size is the size of the pot and oxygen availability at the roots.

Even if you have excellent monster genetics, if you use a relatively small-sized pot (speaking about soil here), then you have sentenced the plant to a smaller stature.  Not providing enough oxygen at the roots can choke the plant (stunted growth), or worse lead to root-rot (usually deadly for the plant or bad-tasting final product if the plant survives.

In a pot that is relatively too small, the roots develop and fill the pot and become root-bound; basically the root-tips become crowded against each other and they compete against each other for the nutrients in the soil, resulting in stunted plant growth.

So, if you want to increase the size of a plant, transplant it into a larger pot with a good quality supersoil.  Of course, you would want to do that before flowering begins.  A transplant operation after flowering has started could result in slowed or halted flowering development.  Best to plan ahead and have the larger pots and the supersoil mixed at least 2 or 3 weeks ahead of the planned transplant time to give the mychorhizzae in the soil time to develop and mature so that fresh mychorr-nutrients are readily available.

Make sure also that the pots allow plenty of air into the soil.  Cannabis loves oyxgen at the roots between feedings.  (Then you may ask, how do the hydroponics or deep water culture (DWC) growers do that if their roots are under water?  They use drippers on rockwool or other highly porous mediums (such as expanded clay (ton) balls or coco or perlite) such that the water itself is oxygenated simply by the action of dripping and air is drawn into the medium simply by the water exiting during feeding.  Or they use an aquarium air-pump and air-stone in the reservoir to oxygenate the solution before it is pumped to the drippers; this "airstone in reservoir" method is also used for ebb-n-flow setups.  In DWC, the roots sit directly in the solution that is constantly oxygenated with the aquarium air-stone, thereby, the roots don't drown.)

In this forum I have seen a couple other threads where the growers (both in Argentina) are using a pot called mad-rocket pot; basically a taller profile pot with long vertical slits at various locations on the side of the pot.  The greater depth of the pot allows the roots to grow downward into greater volume of soil before they again begin to grow into each other's way, and the slits allow oxygen into the soil from various points around  the sides of the pot. 

There is also in the market a pot called air-pots (similar to a pot looking like it is made using inward-turned heavier-guage bubble-wrap); you can simulate that pot by simply lining a large regular pot with a similar material.  There are also other pots built using a strong felt-like material - felt-pots, where the felt material itself readily allows excessive water to drain away and immediately allowing oxygen to enter the soil from the entire surface area of the felt-pot.

Maybe you or many readers already know this information, but if not, then using your search engine, the underlined words above and below will provide you many hours of interesting study and pictures and ideas.

I just can't help myself; I love talking or writing about Cannabis grow methods.


And Zeq, my heart was in my throat the first times that I used any method that seemed like I was hurting my babies, but they really work.  It'll take a couple times before you perfect the procedures, but you'll master it once you see the results.  (topping, fimming, squeeze and bend, stress training (LST), lollypopping, cloning, sea-of-green (SOG), screen-of-green (SCROG), sex-reversal using silver solution (for the purpose of creating feminized seeds), the list of propogation procedures goes on and on...

But above all, have fun with it...


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btw, i believe i dont have any stock of super bud in my hand. right now, i have no more money to buy since i already buy a lot several month ago.

but if i already have one, ill send the pic of my super bud. and you are correct about the lamp, i just use 50watt x 6 Red Blue LED

i have not enough electricity capacity to cover 1000watt, and even i have it, i cant pay the bill, lol!

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Zeq, if I understand correctly, you have a single 50-Watt bulb? and 6-each red/blue LEDs?  I fear that your lighting may be quite a bit under-powered in order to be successful with this seed.  Have you ever grown cannabis with this setup before?


Can you please describe each light source with a bit more detail?  Without detail, I find it difficult to offer specific advice (that is, if you want it).


For the 50-Watt, what is the type of lamp? (CFL?  fluorescent?  incandescent?)   

If CFL or fluorescent, are they Cool White color?  If 50-Watts is your main lighting source, I am afraid you will be disappointed in the results.


For the LED lamps, how many LEDs are in each lamp and how many watts does each LED draw?

I would hate for you to fail if I hadn't said anything after detecting a possible problem.


I fear that with too little lighting intensity, the seedling will stretch too much in its first few days and quickly simply fall over.  If that occurs and the lighting isn't quickly remedied, the seedling will almost certainly die.


If you can, posting pictures of the setup and lighting would be very helpful.

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hi dust,

im so sorry for being too busy in my job in my office, so i have no extra time, even i have, i choose to smoking my weed stock and go to sleep.

i am a furniture designer in local furniture factory.


my lamp is 50 watt of super-grow led lamp, its made in Chinese,  so even i can found the font, i cant read it, the led lamp only contains red and blue led, i use six lamp, the grow room size is around 4x3 meter, i use to grow 12 plants. i use a full hydroponic  system, so i will not screw up the watering time, since i am could be very very busy.

so total is 300 watt.


i have good harvest on super bud, flowerbomb and money maker. the best come from flowerbomb, 300 gr from single plant (wet weight with bud-leaf and bud-stem).

unfortunately, money maker and flowerbomb is expensive to me, so i will not buy it much or too often.

super bud still my favorite cause its acceptable price & high yield, i dont like the citrus flavor/lime/lemon, but i have no choice, i dont care, its cheap seed, high yield, 8 wk to harvest.


i need a lil bit thc to get relax, but i need a lot cbd for give me a clear-mind, help me to build a new furniture design.


so far, GSH is my favorite brand, 

kera seeds is my second, but they have no stability in their seeds, usually from 3 seeds 1 seed not germinate, sometimes 2. they are super cheap, what can i say about the quality.


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