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Auto Bomb close to harvest? Opinions

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Hi people! Hope you're all doing great. 

So a couple of months ago I started my first grow of an AutoBomb (64 days) indoor. I've been using a LED panel of 120w (3w leds). Now I think it's close to harvest time. I would like to hear your opinion about it. Probably you'll se the plant and think that it has some weeks till harverst but I'm lacking of time because I'm travelling so I have aproximately 6 days left, maybe 7... Here goes the pictures:

So I've been using both Feeding Powder Growing and Short flowering during this grow. Ultimately I've prepared a banana tea with some honey for that extra potasium and sugars boost to increase the buds weight and I'm planning doing it again today. Some thing that concerns me are the size of this buds, altought they are distributed all over the plant they are quite small. Finally, I don't know what caused the purple leaves on the cup of the plant (excuse my english, it's not my first language so I dont know some terminology).

Keep doing well!!





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Thanks for sharing your plant with us man she is a ncie shaped lady and it is one of the auto that i really liked, tasty tasty!!

But yeah for sure she miss like 3 week or more to finish if you harvest or maybe you did already the effect will be really light and the taste as well, but i understand sometimes there is no other choice, if you just leave for 1 week just give her a biiig shower flush and food after and let her alone and see if she survives till you come back, it could be worth it the buds are gonna gain a lot in weight now


Have a good grow!

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Looks great but not close to being ready. If possible you might want to buy one of those glass bulbs that you fill with water then stick in your soil to slowly add water to keep it alive while you are gone. Harvesting to early can result in harsh stuff with little thc. It might even be better to drench before you leave then harvest the dieing plant when you get back. Not sure how long your gonna be gone so its hard to say.

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AUTO BOMB was actually the very first plant I grew indoors and I liked it. Mine was not as large but got a bigger fat cola. It took me about 2 and a half month from seed till harvest. The pistils are still white, so the ripening starts now. Wait as long as possible, maybe pick a side bud to get some early product and test it. If the high is okay. cut her down - if not leave it in the dark, till you come back-maybe it will still get a bit more ripe - or cut it and dry it while you are away. A pity, 2 or 2 and a half weeks more and you had a nice amount of good ripe anja...

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There are no ideal wattage for a grow space, as efficiency is very different between types of light and manufacturer. 

Are you listing the actual wattage draw from the wall or the wattage of the LEDs? 

200w actual watts of LED should be enough or a 400w HPS for 80x80.

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