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I guess infusion into alcohol doesn't work...

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I screwed-up 15 grams of excellent Kaia Kush buds trying to infuse Cannabinoids into 0,5 Liter of Glühwein.

My first clue that I had screwed-up was that during the heating, there were NO bubbles - indicating that decarboxylation was not occurring.

Second clue, after drinking about 200 ml, there was virtually NO psychoactive effect for the rest of the evening.

It did taste OK, including the usual Cannabis taste, it wasn't bad, sortof like a red wine kräuter bitter. 

And the cannabis after-taste lasted for a couple hours, also not bad, you could definitely tell that you had drank a cannabis-infused drink that contained a significant amount of cannabinoids.

I guess we must always have some form of oil, not alcohol, in which to infuse.

But it won't go to waste.  I'm gonna drink it anyway.     Yee-ee-hyughhgg!!!

For the time being, I'm gonna stick with making and cooking with Cannabutter.  I know without a doubt that Cannabutter works.


Question for Arjan, Franco and Simon:  When you drank from that bottle of cannabis-laced liquor with your Rasta friend in the Carribbean, we could all see your initial reaction.  LOL

Did that drink produce any psychoactive effect?  If it did, did he explain how he had made that drink?


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Did you activate the Thc before infusing it or during the infusion? If you just put buds in alcohol and heat a little bit but not to the point where the THCa will change into delta9 you will not get a lot of psychoactive effect, the best would be to decarboxylate the weed before during the infusion, but it depends a lot on the temperature you were using.



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I think that was the problem, Dust.  I was thinking that decarboxylation (activation) would occur in the alcohol when I heated them together.  But apparently that doesn't occur very well in alcohol as it does in butter or oils.  Probably has something to do with the availability of oxygen; alcohol is probably less willing to let go its oxygen.

I had seen where others had performed decarboxylation on the ground buds alone, by spreading them out onto baking paper and heating them in the oven at about 160°C for about 30 to 45 minutes.  But I had never tried that, fearing burning or ruining the buds. 

So, I think that next time I try to infuse into alcohol, I shall attempt for my first time to decarb the ground buds in the oven, then perform the infusion.

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