Best strain for healing - Magical Butter?

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Dear all, 
due to bad and too expensive market for cannabis oil in our country, my family decided to try and produce their own medicine. There are throat, lung, lymph & breast cancer in our family, and we would like to be sure what strains are best for healing. After researches, we believe that we should use high THC indica dominant strain, so please recommend what to look for (also CBD enriched - I saw chemdog as an option).
Because everything will be homemade, and we don't have any practice with oil production, let us know if use of a Magical Butter machine is goof for oil extraction? Are there any cons, or negative effects to medicine (oil)?
Thank you and kind regards.


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If you are needing this oil as medicine, and you don't want to get high from it, be sure not to heat the oils that you create.  Because IF YOU DOooOO......


the oils might turn into a vapor and combine with oxygen and throw-off some carbon atoms, then it would become activated, thereby having a psychoactive influence on your mind.


And you wouldn't want that, now would you?

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