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Strains discontinued??

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Thats good news, there seems to be a lot of stock issues with a few nice strains from ghs and many other seed companies. Is this the beginning of a worldwide shortage of seeds due to legalisation in more and more countries???  Hope not. Thanks for the reply and information my friend 


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I can only say that we rather don't sell a product than maybe selling something that is not 100% the quality we want. Demand is high, especially for certain strains but I don't expect a shortage of seeds in the near future ;-) 


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Legalization in the USA will have little affect on GHS shipping to the USA, simply because GHS will not ship to the USA, as I understand it.

It is still a federal offense to posess even a single seed there, and the US Feds (haters) are just itching for any excuse to begin conducting interstate and international raids.

Probably, the only way that GHS seeds can make it into the USA in any quantity that is commercially viable is if someone has some special transportation channel.  And it's not me.  :P

If a large-volume channel could work, it might cause a shortage at GHS short-term, but then the continued crossing and development of GHS genetics everywhere else could eventually fill the demand-gap in the market (at the expense of GHS losing marketshare unfortunately).  The question for the consumer would then be, "Can the integrity of the genetics remain consistent?"  That's up to the strict work-discipline of the next breeders, that is if they want to retain the exact same characteristics and continue to market their seeds with the same strain name (of course stepping all over Arjan's toes).

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I dont know if Arjan reads any of my stuff, but I have a feeling he is a marketing genius, and he certainly knows that if he has a top-notch product, he needs to protect that product by doing whatever is necessary to build and protect that all-important market-share.

I fear that these all-too-often-occurring stockage issues might be opening-up opportunities for others to begin breeding his genetics and stealing his market-share for strains of the same name.

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banana.brain, kinda hard to comment on that.  Vague.

Can you provide a link in a PM to me?


I do know that Greenhouse offers a variety of nice MIX-packs containing a total of 10 seeds, normally 2 each of 5 different strains, if that is what you mean.  The GHSC mix-packs are legit.


There are Sativa Mix-packs, Indica Mix-packs, Sativa/Indica Mix-packs, etc.


Attitude Seedbank is a trusted one.

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Ah, yes, banana.brain.


Now I understand your question.  In my opinion, I believe the industry has finally matured to the point where the big distributor companies do perform re-selling services in an honest manner.  Sealed packets from the original manufacturer is an important feature that helps you feel assured that you got the seeds that you wanted.  And if you had ordered a stealth packaging that forces the re-seller to open and otherwise package the seeds, then trust becomes even more important.  This is where a legitimate re-seller must be very careful, because if a re-seller starts to ripp-off its customers, in today's internet-connected world, a bad reputation can spread like wildfire, and is potentially ruinous to their business.  Sealed stealth packages might become another forward step...


As time passes, and the governments of the world slowly begin to realize that it doesn't make sense to criminalize a natural product which has been a part of humanity since mankind had discovered fire, and that the source of this reefer-madmess was actually a successful ploy to increase budgets in a greedy law enforcement organization, to corner the pharmaceutical market into the monopolizing pockets of big-pharma, to create and grow an enormous FOR-PROFIT industry of privately-run correctional institutions housing hundreds of thousands for a non-violent act of persuing happiness, enjoyment or simply relief, and to line the pockets of greedy politicians who went along with it all, eventually they will discover (as has Colorado, California, Oregon, Alaska and Washington State) that tremendous revenues can be generated by treating these USEFUL products as a consumer commodity instead of declaring them Class 1 (having no value).  


When the governments finally realize the truth and decriminalize the industry, then we won't need to perform stealth packaging anymore.  But government doesn't have a brain.  Its constituents do.  It is up to the people to realize the farce and go and vote to force the government to change the laws.

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Vote? That rarely works in the rigged game of politics. Breed and preserve your genetics. Buy GHSC gear when it's available.  It pays to stock up. They have some of the most affordable prices. No excuse not to stock up when strains are available.  I still have standard seed GHSC seeds packs put away. The Super Silver Haze is one of them. It's only a 5 pack so hopefully they germinate and give me some gems.  That will be part of a breeding project some years from now. GHSC has been on of my most favorite breeders to buy genetics from for over 10 years. Keep up the great work GHSC staff!

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Well of course voting is not the only way.  Yes, breeding and preservation.  Education, spreading the word.  Helping the sick who can benefit from cannabis.


But in order to change the laws, we have to use our vote.  And in many cases, we must use that vote to remove those from political office who support the criminalization of cannabis.  If one resigns one's self to accepting that politics is rigged and that you can do nothing about it, then you have already lost the game.


Use your vote to get rid of the political cronies that support the monopolizing pharmaceutical system that is enslaving its customers and making America and other nations into nations of addicts addicted to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.


Cannabis had worked just fine for thousands of years throughout the world.  It became illegal only in 1937 when the U.S. declared it so, with politicians who bowed down to the special interests of the pharmaceutical and plastics industries who wanted to maximize their profits by destroying their main rival - natural herbal medicines and fibers available via Cannabis.



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