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Barneys Farm Blue Mammoth Auto. "GHPF from start to Flush"

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i just put 30 seed in paper towel last night, Fingers crossed for tomorrow to place them in the pots. hoping for 25 good ones. 

I'm excited to do autos Again, they are way more manageable,shorter.

I am excited to use my threnchoen and ph tester again.



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Thank you for sharing your photos with us man, looks like you have some room for them in flowering they should open nicely, I dont remember seeing that strain so we will see how it turns out ;) 


Have a good grow!

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Kind of hard to see the seedlings from so far and with the perlite white shining ^^It looks like some pots have various plants in it or not? Maybe i didnt see good ^^Try to take the photos from  a lower angle maybe so we will see less white and more the shape of the plant ;)

What temps and humidity do you have in there?


Have a good grow and thanks for the news!

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the blue mammoths are exactly 25 days today. i only have 9 of them they are the 9 in the back corner, the rest are  7 days behind the mammoths they are kannabia autoflower pack and 4 gigabud autos and 4 yoda autos.. 


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i flushed the back 7 mammoths with 6.0 and the rest got 1.2 ec 6.0, out of the mammoths  i got 2 photopriod on the right there so tall. i thought they were going to be males..but there regular fems.. never had a photo in a auto breeder pack before.



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