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Hey everybody thanks for coming back,


@Cannabissapean I'm pickin up what your layin down, I think the god bud would have been doing much better if I had just that strain in this run. so I'm gonna keep that in mind next time I grow them. I still have about a dozen of those seeds. I'll have enough to do a full crop of just those. For all I know those could be male so im keeping an eye out for the signs.


BCGB-2 is doing better than BCGB-1 as you'll see further down the page. CK-3 is doing the best of the 3 coma kush. It is developing c-branching about 5cm long. They do have a bit of curl to them.


My water cycle for a few weeks now has been 3 intervals per day at 30 mins each. I'm not sure I want to go below that. I did have them on 5 intervals per day at 1hr each.


With the EC ive been running do think its even possible to have nitrogen burn? They should be able to handle twice that, I would think unless I am not considering something. I have been using GH grow, micro, and bloom. along wit calmag. I would really like to start using bio-stimulants but I think my budget is maxed out for this crop and will have to try later.


As always your comments are appreciated

On with week 6



room conditions.jpg



















Quarter Pounder-QP1-plant-stats.jpgQuarter Pounder-7week.jpg



   Alrighty then that's it for this week. Have a great rest of your week end and see you all soon.




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Hey Everyone.


Just thought i'd give you all an update. The girls are all doing well and approx. 1 month into bud. BCGB-2 turned out to be a male so he is now living in a van down by the river. My ills have been fixed. It turns out I was just underfeeding them, their needs were much higher than I expected and I had a fear of burning them with nutrients. so I have got them up to a 1.5 EC and they are responding very well. Sorry it has been a while since my last update. The suspense was killing you, but I have a couple pics for you all. It is getting increasingly hard to get individualized pictures as I have in previous weeks. My lens just isn't made for that wide a shot and the ladies are so meshed together there would be no accuracy. However CK2 and CK3 are considerably bigger than the rest of the plants in the room, topping out around 50cm or so. The QP1 is only about 24cm but seems to very productive and will probably be the biggest yielding. It has pretty good size buds even where the light don't shine. The aroma in my house is the best though. I forgot how nice that was. Here is the room stats and  couple random pics.


room conditions.jpg








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Hey Everyone,


Time for a final update. I have a few pics from 7-10 weeks here. I did as good as I expected if not better considering it was my first crop in a very long time.


Final weights:

BC God Bud - 3.5g

Quarter Pounder auto - 21g

ComaKush CK1 - 24g

                     CK2 - 56g

                     CK3 - 41g

I also had an unknown bag seed that produced 40g


BC God Bud had a root ball issues early on and it never fully recovered. the roots seem to be much finer than the other varieties I had. which I think led to tangling in the planter.


I was also able to get some mother plants started from the Coma Kush CK2 and CK3


room conditions.jpg






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