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The German Parliament (Bundestag) has ruled that Cannabis is now allowed with Prescription

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Terribly sick persons can in the future obtain Cannabis paid for by the state's medical insurance, as long as they cannot be helped by other means.  The decision in the German Parliament was made unanimously (today).  But the personal growing of Cannabis in Germany remains forbidden.


Schwerkranke Menschen können künftig auf Kassenkosten Cannabis als Medizin erhalten - sofern ihnen nicht anders geholfen werden kann. Das beschloss der Bundestag einstimmig. Der Eigenanbau von Cannabis bleibt in Deutschland aber verboten. 


Here's the link.  Sorry, it is still in German, but I can't wait to share this with you all.  We should celebrate this.  Forward progress occurs one step at a time. 




Remain politically active and be sure to vote whenever changes in the law that lead toward further decriminalization of cannabis come along.  Urge your legislators to propose such changes in the law.  Remember, they are supposed to work for the people.  Hold them accountable, and vote against them if they vote against you.


Now I fire up a BIG doobie to celebrate this...





Ok, here is an article in English:



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