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On 22/01/2017 at 1:02 AM, Tiva_Lover said:

Hi All.  Growing where I live is NOT legal.  So its impractical for me to grow my own.  

Any advice for getting my hands on some LandRace/Heirloom bud?  


  I travel frequently to the Los Angeles ... how to take the first few steps.  

Alternatively, I'd be OK to start with getting some LandRaces/Heirlooms at a Los Angeles dispensary.   


Any general advice/ideas/places to start?


Hello... I suppose also that you don't have any Medical dispensies around? Because buying something in a State, and smuggling to another State where it's not legal, is punishable by law!... Many do it every years tho.


An advise ?? Move in another State where it's Legal to get a Medical Card, a Medical Permit to grow, to buy rec'weed.


An other advise, grow something that have really low smell while flowering, it will at least reduce all risks. (Nothern lights, Master Kush, and many others). Growing in 2 gallons smart pot with a  CFL300 or 200, it won't heat so much, so it won't smell a lot, it will be cheap concerning electricity, you won't have to buy odor filter and ballast; a (small)closet would be enough.


You really can't get a Medical Card?... It's the easiest.

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41 minutes ago, Dr3@m said:

I knew the history of the 'White' , Nothern Lights, Blueberry being one of my favorite test/effect, Diesel also one of my sativa dom day smoke favorite as well ( thought that she was created in the late 90'). Concerning Blue Dream,  Top 10 sold weed actually and since a while, i thought it was  Blueberry x Super Silver Haze ...




That is correct about Blue Dream, but if you look at the parents and grandparents of BB and SSH, you get Haze several times over,  and Haze is a Thai and multi Colombian cross, and Thai is half the genetics in Blueberry, so you get a lot of the same Thai/Haze genetics in Blue Dream. For me it grew like a Thai dominant sativa.


Blueberry: Afghani x Thai x Purple Thai

SSH: (Haze x Haze) x Skunk crossed with (Haze x Haze) x Northern Lights #5


Northern Lights #5 is said to be Thai x 'mostly' indica

Haze was a serial stream of crosses, starting with Colombian x Mexican, then  x Thai then x S. India ganja (sativa). Supposedly. I do not believe anything that Dave Watson says though. He has been disproven many times by many. Also his version of Santa Cruz in that era does not agree with what I experienced when I lived there. There were no Haze brothers in Corrolitos:  according to my friends, they were not named Haze and they were not brothers anyway. I lived in that area for 20 years from 1966 to 1986.


I have also read and looked at several conversations with the guy known as Chem, the original grower of ChemDog/Dawg that bought the bags of weed from the growers in Crested Butte, CO. The first bag he bought at a Grateful Dead concert, and the others he had mailed to him in NY. In those he found the S1 seeds that started the various ChenDawg lines.  According to him, one of those ChemDawgs is actually the same as the original Diesel in NYC. Chem/Diesel was then crossed to make other Diesel lines, like Chem was crossed to make the OG Kush lines in California. Its amazing how many names of the original Chem/Diesel and OG Kush strains are actually names for the same exact genetics.

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On 10/02/2017 at 1:18 AM, Big Sur said:

 Its amazing how many names of the original Chem/Diesel and OG Kush strains are actually names for the same exact genetics.


You're right !! And not only for the  Chemdawg, Diesel or the OG...


If you're looking closer, you'll see that Big Bud is also called Critical Mass, Critical+ (Critical+2.0 resisting to humidity), Criminal+,Super Bud, etc .... There is no problem if they are making some improvment for the strain, or if they add something else to make it better, tastier , faster. On the other hand, what i dislike, is when companies sell the same strain under the same name, except if they work together somehow, linked with common friends, partners, location of the growth... As an agreement.

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On 2/6/2017 at 2:30 AM, Big Sur said:


Well, I guess it depends on what you define as an heirloom. Here you can get GDP, Blue Dream, White Widow, and OG Kush at dispensaries, which to me are heirlooms from the early 1990s.  What is sold as seeds is anyone's guess though, as they tend to be crossed to improve vigor and intensity. If you are a purist, then heirloom may only include really early named strains like Big Sur Holy Weed, Skunkweed, Haze, and California Orange.


As for landrace strains, they are a mixed bag as well. Some were crossed early on from other landraces, particularly South African and Colombian strains, and some were cultivated for centuries in the same location, like South India, Thai, and western Mexican strains.


Yes!  Does depend on how you define "heirloom"  

I guess I'm really talking about LandRaces.  I know I don't like Indica's too much, so I'm curious about trying something that's 100% Sativa.  I've read that the mixing of Indica in with the original LR sativas was not only for ease of growing, but also to take the 'edge off' a speedy sativa.  But I like the challenge of trying to master my mind racing.  I'm intrigued to see how it would affect me.  


My curiosity is also heightened by the discussions I've seen of all the variants of THC that we only see trace elements of in many of the other crosses.  I'm a big believer in the subtleties of nature and would like to see what she intended.  So while I indulge, I'm determined to move away from the commercially grown/produced/sold that one finds in dispensaries.  Or God forbid the streets!!!  Does anyone remember that in the 90's?!  Mmmmm....my bag of brown Mex brick smells like an intoxicating combination of Formaldehyde and Raid.  Can't wait to light er up and kill brain cells!

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On 2/6/2017 at 2:30 AM, Big Sur said:


As for headaches... you may have migraines, like I do. If you often times get them on one side of your head, and typically just above or behind your eyes, they are likely migraines...


@Big Sur

I thought this reply deserved its own post.  Hell, were on a growers message board, so maybe it deserves its own thread.  That's stickied at the top.  OK, enough hype...


I suffered from regular migraines as a child/young adult.  They sucked.  As I got older they changed into "cluster headaches".  That's the eyeball thing your talking about.   Nasty.  


But I learned a trick!  It helps me *EVERY SINGLE* time, but only helps friends I know sometimes.  Take a pack of ice and put it on your neck.  Much better done as soon as you get the "aura" (if you get the aura, or any warning sign).  Keep it there till it hurts.  Take if off.  The headache will start coming back and you clamp that puppy right back on as your neck (really more specifically blood vessels) start to warm up and the headache builds back again.    Once I do this 3 or 3 cycles its very manageable (but never, ever, fully goes away until I sleep.)


Works like clockwork for me whereas pills do nothing. 

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