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Back in the 70's I had built for me an isomerizer that would change your low grade mexican bunk into higher grade pot. This was really taking high CBD pot, and changing the CBD's into THC's. That worked well for a number of years. Long forgotten, until... a buddy of mine started getting back pains from lower back injuries from playing rugby for years. I thought of way back when, and how we just have to decarboxilate before we make the oil to concentrate the CBD's. Got to thinking again, why not, build another one only this time I would improve its capacity and safety. So I mocked up to scale using cardboard and Glue Gun. Took twenty hours to mock it up in cardboard, so welding this is going to be expensive unless your a welder or you want someone to help. I am uploading the j-pegs so you can see  how it works. Anti-freeze in the bottom for heating liquid. Keeps the evaporation down and the stink from the antifreeze. Its a closed loop system once it is running. I have not added the last part at the end of all your cycles. It is just a stainless steel bowl with a hole in the bottom that is welded to a curved piece of 1/4 inch copper pipe that sits seated inside the tap that is centered in the middle of the solvent container. This allows you to retrieve you solvent after you have processed everything else. I use a methane/iso immulsification before separating the cannabinoids and organic matter in the finale reflux. If you have any questions I would be glad to spell it out more clearly for those who have caught the gist of it.

















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OK, Kit, you've done it now.


You've got my attention.  I hope that this project doesn't stop at cardboard.  I'm pulling up a chair to watch this construction to the end, and I want to see it in action.


Nice start.  This'll wake up some of our Techy's in the forum.

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@barneshenry, seeing that that was Kit's last post on 5 February 2017, I sorta doubt that we will see the final product.  Unfortunately.


However, it looked like some kind of weed-drying apparatus.

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