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What is the best ratio of CBD/THC for inhibiting tumor growth?   Would vaping oils be the best way to control dosage?  My understanding is that low, but frequent dosing might be more effective.  What do others think?  


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I think it depends on the type of tumor, benign or malignant, and where it is. From my reading, THC has the greater tumor destructive action, but CBD packs it own punch. Also CBD will allow you to smoke more THC without feeling as strong an effect. Personally I believe that the THC/CBD ratio in late harvested red Lebanese hashish is the best ratio for smoking, good feeling, and best overall effects that you can tolerate well. Red Leb marijuana is typically between 1:1 or even 2:1 CBD to THC. So I would try 1:1 ratio. If you cannot find a strain or oil with that ratio, you can get a high THC with no or low CBD bud or oil, and then add the same amount of pure or high CBD bud or oil. Personally I do that with bud, mixing it in a bowl. I would smoke or vape as much as you can reasonably tolerate. Bud, oil or dabbs. I would try buds first as they are easier to control the amount of high. Dabbs and oils can knock you over with one hit unless you are highly tolerant or an experienced smoker. 



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maybe some of you might be interested in this statistical compairison of 5-year survival rates in conventional and alternative medicine: http://www.zedorock.net/comparacion-en.pdf 


if you know of cancer patients, no matter how they treated their cancer, i'd be thankful. i need year of diagnosis, type of cancer, type of treatment and how the person was doing 5 years after diagnosis - alive (helthy?) or ded?

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It is still too early to say that cannabis cures cancer, at the moment, it does not.

We can use cannabis, to mitigate side effects of chemotherapy, to stimulate appetite, reduce pain, etc......

Some cannabinoids have been shown to attack carcinogenic tumours, but cannabis has not been shown to cure cancer.

The doses for this type of treatment are always high. Cannabis oil is usually consumed in capsules or vapo.



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ive been taking oil capsules for about a year ,as well as suppositories for about 3 months  now. i had radiation and chemo twice so far . i can honestly say that i dont believe that cannibas on its own will cure cancer.i have researched the hell out of it and aside from i guy in england who swears it beat liver cancer[who mysteriously dies 3 months later] i cant find any evidence that cannibas will cure cancer.what i can tell you is that it has made a dramatic improvement in my life since having cancer. you get a brain fog from chemo and ive got to say that the suppositories really cleared it up . also i just feel healthier  and have more energy. how much is attributed to the oil and how much is just natural healing is still a guess.i'm really hoping that although it may not cure cancer , let's hope it will at least slow the growth.i switch from a strong thc pill in the am to a strong cbd pill in the pm.along with 1 500mg  full spectrum oil suppository  taken twice daily.if nothing else it relieves some of the muscular pain from the operation.anyway it's working for me so far ,so i will soldier on .keep the buds handy. peace.

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