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This is my first grow it was a white rhino feminized seed from Nirvana Seed shop I did four months of vegetation in deep water culture and 8 weeks of Bloom during the bloom the smell was awesome now that I'm drying and curing it smells like wet hay can somebody please help me and what I am doing wrong I hung it on a drying rack with the buds already trimmed


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Hello, i 've found something that could help you  http://www.growweedeasy.com/drying-curing


- Hang upside down . (20/30 days)


 "... Continue drying until outsides of buds feel dry to the touch, and smaller stems snap instead of bend, usually 3-7 days. Buds will "snap" off without leaving a stringy trail."


Good luck

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It naturally smells a bit like hay because it is so green and still contains a lot of chlorophyl.  With continued drying, the hay-smell should diminish, and the Cannabinoids and Terpines should become more dominant.  The slower the drying process, the better the cureing.  If it dries too fast, the chlorophyl is unable to convert completely, causing a hay-like taste.


One thing that you can do in the future to improve smell and taste is to continue to let the plant mature a bit further until the bigger fan leaves and even the fan leaves surrounding the colas begin to turn colors.  The plant dieing is also a part of the maturing process.


Also, if you hadn't performed a flush 2 or 3 weeks before harvest, then next time, do that.  This helps the plant rid itself of excessive salts and nutrients.  If the plant is not given the chance to rid itself of these chemicals, then the smoke will be harsh, hard to burn, and taste bad.  In DWC, flushing is simply throwing-out the last used-up batch, and feeding the plant simply pH'd water without nutrients and allowing the plant to continue another 2 or 3 weeks with just the water.

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