Medical Marijuana Strain For Fibromyalgia?

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Hi guys. I'm helping a friend who's suffering from fibromyalgia. I need some advice on a strain that would be very good when it comes to pain management. So far Hindukush is on top of my list. Anyone have a better suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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2 hours ago, VirtualChong said:

Hi guys. I'm helping a friend who's suffering from fibromyalgia.


Hello friend,

Having fibromyalgia, your friend will want  to keep the pain away (day/night) but also to have a clear day high added with some energy / motivation, it's why i wouldn't only recommend Hindu Kush.


As we know, indicas are reputed to be great pain killer, but on the other part, they have sedative effects, and can cut motivation, so it won't be the "perfect" strain to ("wake and bake") wake up and smoke, starting the day, as he would be pushed another time to his bed.


More than pain killer, and muscle relaxation, he will need something which can provide clear mind and energy during the day, something functionable. It's why i would advise high CBD content, and sativa dominant during the day. And indica dominant for the evening and night. At night, CBD strains could be remplaced with pure indicas or dominant at least.


I've seen some really interesting articles with some strain remaining. Harlequin seems to be a good pain killer while not cutting motivations due to her sativa traits, as well as Cannatonic (One i've smoked friendly offered by someone during a convention), adding Super Silver Haze CBD and Super Lemon Haze CBD from Greenhouse.


For more Indicas exemples, Big bud (GH Super Bud) comes back again, Bubba Kush Original (Or GH Bubba Kush), and Grand Daddy Purple seems to have a nice researched effect for pain too, leaning on the sedative side...King's Kush CBD and Great White Shark CBD may be efficient also. But this is a none exhaustive list. The Hindu kush could be part of the list, for late time smoke, between hundreds.


All in all, strain with high CBD Indica or Sativa, should be something he would be interested to try in order to see the results.


There is a lot of Medical research done by real reputed doctors, from countries like Switzerland, Canada, Israel, USA, etc... And personnaly, i don't trust countries who diabolize Marijuana, putting it on the same rank than Crack and Heroine.

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Unfortunately my daughter has the same diacnoses but doesnt like the feeling of being stoned or high, her many energydrinks combined with a huge increase in weight make me very worried any parent should.

For now i cant do much for her, not able to grow what she wants and needs, not only she but more and more ppl around me, know of have already used oil or pure smoke ..

As the future will tell me more about the great benefits of our beloved strains, i find it more then interesting to read and see information regarding this topic, as well as any with more details ...Like how did they found out which strain has a certain concentration of cbd, if a higher percentage inside the tstrain is higher, why is it automaticly better, is the CBD treathing specific or general .. I understand its more general from the story.

As any high content strain is the same, does the same, or treats a specific illness ...That is what i am wondering about.

Is the CBD part of a strain more important then any other inside any strain delta 9 thc and  cbg or any other.

I love to read more, so any tips are welcome , thanks guys ! and girls !!

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