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Hello all!!! I live in a small island called Mayotte, near Madagascar. Here, the sun shine 12h per day, all year long. The weather is hot, with a lot of humidity. At this rainy season, the temperatures can climb up to 32 degrees celcius, and near 48-50 degrees celsius under sunlight, at the hotest hours of the day. The temperatures will decrease around april, at the end of the rainy season. I would like to grow some "Super Silver Haze" and some "Arjan's Haze 1", i have a big balcony where i will put 2 or 3 plants, but i do not want them to get too tall, because of my neiboors... I will grow them in 6liters airpots. So, i have several questions:

- Are these strains a good choice for this tropical weather?

- How will these strains react to a complete life cycle under 12h/day of sunlight?

- When will they go into flowering?

- How tall could they go with 6l airpots?

- Shall i protect them from the sun for few hours of the day when he shines too hot?

- I will use a mix of soil and coco, around 30% of coco, shall i use mineral or organic fertilizers?

- Is it mendatory to adjust the PH solution?

Thanks for help, and really sorry for my english, i am french, i will try to do my best!!





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Sorry Absolom, I didn't see this thread until late.

To answer some of your questions:

(or maybe your grow is already completed or at least well under way)


Strains for your tropical weather?  That is basically answered through trial and error.


12 Hours daylight per day?  The photoperiod also includes the lighted time before and after the sunlight is directly striking the leaf, so you certainly have more than 12 hours of light per day.  If you do actually provide only 12 hours light per day, then the plant will begin flowering very early, possibly after the appearance of the 4th or 5th node.  There are some grow journals here in the indoor grow section that deal with that exact issue.  The grower provides only 12 hours light per day directly after germination; the plant begins flowering very early, and yet he still gets a nice harvest.


How tall? depends on the strain, the soil conditions, temperature, humidity, the nutes and/or additives, the type of light and photoperiod, diseases and pests, and whether or not you wish to top the plant or perform supercropping, and yes, the pot sizes.  Many variables.  (Sativas are generally much taller than Indicas.)


The sun doesn't shine too hot.  What CAN go wrong is that the air around the plant gets too hot; provide ample air circulation.  Or the floor where the pots are sitting can get too hot in the sun and cook the bottom roots; place the pots on bricks or overturned plates to isolate the pots away from the hot floor.


Soil and coco is fine.  You should be sure that the mixture allows water to drain relatively freely through the pot.  If your current soil mixture retains too much water, then next time, consider adding some perlite.


Yes, until you have dialed-in your system and yourself to be optimum for Cannabis, it is very important to monitor your pH.  Both your feeding water AND the run-off water.  If all other factors are good, then most any further plant problems are related to the pH being off.  Yes, until you get yourself dialed-in to your grow, you should be monitoring the pH.  pH-monitoring is one of your best ways to detect and correct problems.   With experience and consistent success with happy plants, you will have fine-tuned your grow to the point that you can eventually ease-off testing the pH so much.

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Many thanks Cannabissapean!!!

THe Super Silver Haze grew up to 65 cm, but i gave them additionnal light to keep them in veg for 4 weeks. I had around 40g of a really good weed.

I am now harvesting my second session, and i did it much better!


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                                                                                     "...and I did it much better!"




THAT'S what I like to hear...


That means that you are paying attention to the plants, and you are learning how to "read" your plants.


Well done...


That spirit of continuous improvement will serve you better and better forward-going.

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