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Can anyone tell me why two weeks in I'm only seeing very small growth. 

Water ppm just under 300

germinated seeds then put into 1 inch rockwool cube then transplanted to 3 inch rockwool cubes. 

After two weeks roots are only starting to come out of the end of the 3 inch rockwool cubes. 

Up until now the only feeding they have got is super thrive with every feeding and 3 inch rockwool cubes soaked in a small amount of flora bloom. 

I added a small amount of Epsom salt to the last watering because I don't know if the purple stems are genetic or it's got to do with magnesium deficiency. 

I'm moving them to 10 litre DWC buckets tomorrow then onto 25 litre DWC buckets when they get bigger. 

Temps 24 degrees 

humidity 70%

under a 300w led at the moment. 

Any feedback welcome. 


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Are you going to feed with drippers on a timer, or are you feeding manually.


I do recommend dripper-feeding 3 times a day, each 10 to 15 minutes.

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