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Quin's First Grow Journal

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Introduction The Build -

√'s = Acquired 

×'s = Need to be Obtained



 Ventilation Fan√

Hygro Meter Thermometer√

Grow Shed/Container √

2 Bulb Fluorescent 2ft  Grow Light×

Carbon Filter×

2-3 Plant Pots √

4-6 Seeds√




Fluorescent Light Bulbs×








These are the only pictures I have available at this time to upload of my Build. I am waiting on a few more items to be shipped via mail.

In the meantime I have a non-Grow light fixture with 2 light bulbs until I receive my 2 Bulb Fluorescent 2ft Grow Light. As indicated with (×'s) symbol.





1.) I have ordered a 24×5×4 Indoor Fluorescent Grow Light. It has the capacity to hold two GE 20-Watt 3000K Color-Enhancing Linear Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb 24in.

It will be hopefully installed and operating in a week just waiting on delivery via mail. I will post pictures of the updated light fixture.



 - Calendar For Grow               Box/Germination -


Day 1 - I have made my Grow Box.  Awaiting more parts via mail. Recognized by the (×'s) symbol.


Day 2 - I have filled my Plant pots with soil. Awaiting seeds to be placed into germination.


Day 3 - 4-6 Seeds are being germinated. Awaiting on the arrival of my needed parts to finish my Grow Box. Indicated by the (×'s) symbol.


Day 4 - [2nd day of germination]

Still awaiting seeds to begin to root.


Day 4 - [2nd day of germination]

Added another Plant Pot to the grow box/container


- Calendar For Sprouting -

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