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hello guys i begin this diary of exodus cheese. of GHS i have also cheese dinafem and sensible seeds cheese so it wil be a contest.

i have 3 seeds

all have germinated well .

they grow really good.



so as you can see they are beautiful.

grow +7 days

behind you can see 4 GREEN POISON sweet seeds and 1 clone of CRITICAL BILBO piensa en verde ( i keep her because she's productive very very fruity and resinous with a lot of orange hair one of my favorite with E.CHEESE)


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hello guys !!! sorry for the late.

it grows nicely as you can see but i made a mistake . i didn't put the third E.CHEESE below the CFL so she 's a little late than her sisters.

growth + 17 days . i added trichoderma harzianum and mychorizes glomus intraradice, glomus mossae.  for roots it is fantastic and trichoderma protect against root's moisture etc.

this combinaison is good for me . i make my soil too .

personalized soil :

for 100 L of biobizz light-mix  add

- 20 L coco

- 10 L perlite

- 5 L vermiculite

- 250 GR chili sphaigne

- 100 GR dolomite

- 30 L worm humus

- 500 - 750 GR guano

- 200 GR Nutrihemp

- 500 GR Xtreme gardening MYKOS ( mycorhizes)

- 50 GR BM bioponic mix (trichoderma harzianum)

for me it's a good soil . good rehydratation. good aeration. roots like it!!!!








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so, on picture 1 and 2 you can see my 3 E.CHEESE .

on pict 3 you can see all my setup

on pict 4 you see my creation E.cheese x Afgan Kush  We find cheese personality with these long leaves !!

on pict 5 you can see a little JACK HERER GHS on the left. Then you can compare Dinafem cheese below my 2 E.cheese and as you can see she 's late than GHS E.cheese SO.....!!!!!!

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Many of those are ready for transplant into bigger pots, otherwise they may become root-bound and stunted.


(Maybe you over did it with the germination of so many seeds; you'll run out of room quickly as they begin to expand in growth.  Or maybe you have plans of transplanting some of those outdoors.)

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hello cannabissapean !!! you're  totally right!!!

in fact, i must go to my growshop in order to buy some bags of soil but he was out of stock so i wait a little.

i will transplant themas soon as possible maybe tomorow.

it was a part of my plan to put some seeds and then transplant it into 3.4 L and go to flowering stage !!

thank you for your advice . i appreciate your expert's eye.:drinks:

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hello the comunity !!!!

today  my E.cheese are 25 days old and i keep them in 18/6 during 3 weeks .

you can see the diference between Exodus cheese and DINAFEM cheese and original sensible cheese.

For me E.cheese is far better.  pictures speak themselves.

on pict 2 you can see 2 dinafem cheese and between them 1 original sensible cheese and they're late than E.cheese.


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