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New to the forum and would like to get to no more

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Hi my name is Mattox and I'm new to that forum but not to growing iv come to the point of my life where I would like to make more progress. So any one who would be willing to point me in the right direction  I would appreciate it so much thanks for your time and hope there's some one out there that's willing to help me 


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Hi Mattox and welcome to SH forum :)



Of course, here you will find lots of information, diaries of cultivation, help, etc ...

Tell us what you would like to learn, and maybe we can give some advice :)


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I live in England and I have grown on and off for almost half my life and after meeting Franco last year I have been learning what I can do but it's come to the point where because of the law I can't do it so I'm thinking of leaving England to try and make my dreams happen but wou ldnt feel safe not having something to go to so really I'm looking for work but as an  Apprentice or some thing like that ...thanks for your reply 

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Mattox, it's difficult to land a job right in the cannabis industry unless you live right in the middle of it and you're already close friends with the group.

Additionally, it is still not legal in all of Europe, only tolerated in Denmark.


Only in certain states of the USA is it legal, however still filled with rules and restrictions.


Honestly, to be in business for yourself is the way most successful growers operate.


But allow me to suggest that you might consider developing a full career first, concentrating on electronics or automation or botany, or some career-choice that will enable you to fully develop skill-sets that you can adapt later to the cannabis industry.  Then, you will have skills to offer to an employer, or skills to help you become successful on your own should you choose to go into business for yourself.


First be sure that you can lead a successful and fulfilling life, even in the event that you cannot find that dream "cannabis" job or if you cannot open your own business.


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