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Quick one. I am coming to the end of my first grow and they are looking pretty awesome for my first shot (little video For you all attached). 

What I could do with knowing is:

What PH does my water need be wen I flush?

How long do I flush For?

After my last water/flush do I let my plants drink all till the coco is none dry? 


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5,8 to 6,2        Even though the flush serves to wash salts and other wastes away from the area of the roots, the roots still need to have their comfortable pH range to be able to continue to exchange nutrients and wastes with the medium, so that the plant is also able to rid itself of salts and excess nutrients.


Flush is 3x the volume of your pot delivered over a short period of time (~10 to 30 minutes depending on the density of the medium).


In coco, you don't necessarily need a dry-out period.  Just overnight is enough.

The idea behind the drying-out period is to help oxygen to return to the roots when in a denser medium, like soil.  Coco is so porous that soon after watering, the water drains away and oxygen fills in behind it, thereby re-saturating the root area with oxygen.

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