Kings Kush Autoflower Summer Run 2017 - Completed

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14 October 2017

End of week 23 and the Kings Kush auto is getting close to harvest now the number of amber trichomes is oncreasing all over the plant from the lower branches to the top of the plant they are pretty consistent now, so she is only getting water, and she is consuming nutrients from fan leaves which are going yellow.

Here are some images I took this afternoon.

Kings Kush in the grow tent under the LED.


Kings Kush side view under normal light.


Kings Kush top view under normal light.


Kings Kush top of plant normal light.


Kings Kush lower cola normal light.


Kings Kush top cola normal light.


Kings Kush bud close up normal light.


On the 10th of October I started to germinate the last of the 3 Kings Kush seeds and on the 12th of October I planted the seed.


Most of the pistles are now brown and there are now loads of amber trichomes all over the bud everywhere on the plant so I will harvest in the next few days.

More updates to follow soon, happy growing guys.


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18 October 2017

It is now the middle of week 24 and the Kings Kush auto is ready for harvest today.

Here are some images I took this afternoon when I harvested her.

Kings Kush side view under normal light.


Kings Kush top view under normal light.


Kings Kush lower bud normal light.


Kings Kush top colas normal light.


Kings Kush top bud close up normal light.


Kings Kush harvested hanging on clothes rack to dry.


Kings Kush trim all the sugary fan leaves, lower stalks and beeny bud.


The yield this time is not as good as the first run, there is definitely less bud on the stalks.

This time I have trimmed the sugar leaves from the bud, rather than trimming them off when the bud has dried.

More updates to follow soon, happy growing guys.


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23 October 2017

The Kings Kush bud has now dried and I have removed the bud from the stalks and then I placed the bud into a Kilner jar.

On the day I harvested the Kings Kush I did not water her, because I had only given her water for the previous 2 weeks.

I was watering and feeding every 4 to 5 days, when I harvested her it was 5 days after I last watered, and as I mentioned in my last post I decided to trim off the sugar  leaves and trim up the bud when I harvested, rather than wait until it was dry.

I think it is worth the effort to trim at harvest, this is a messy process whenever you do it, after the herb is dry or before, your still going to get resin on your hands which aint a bad thing, but I think having less leaf material on the bud definitely helps it to dry out quicker and more evenly.

The yield this time was less than the first run at 3oz of bud, 1oz of trim, sugar leaves and beeny buds from lower stalks, plus 3oz of stalks which I will use to make some Canna butter and use that to make some brownies.

All the dried Kings Kush bud in a heap.


All the Kings Kush bud in a Kilner jar.


Kings Kush trim.


All of the Kings Kush stalks.


The smell of the Kings Kush bud is a rich earthy, herby aroma and the taste when smoked is the same, and when I harvested her there were plenty of amber trichomes all over the buds, it is fast hitting with a good high and body stone that is very strong, and a bit couch locky, I love it.

The 3rd Kings Kush bean popped and I then planted it in a teeny pot but it never broke ground, so I ordered 3 Jack Herer auto beans from the guys at and I have popped one of the seeds and it is now a few nodes tall so I will have to start a new journal.

Thanks for all your input and advice during this grow, happy growing guys.


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This is not an autoflower plant. In that time, you could have finished 2 autoflower grows.

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Yes it was definitely an autoflower and yes your right I could have run them quicker, but it was my second indoor run and I was trying to play safe using autoflowers which are always smaller than the photoperiod plants and get the most out of the plant.

I FIMed the plant and vegged it for 2 months as well, I also did the same with the first indoor run, I kept the LED on the veg spectrum for 2 months at 18/6 then when they were a nice size and shape I flipped the timer to 12/12 and flipped the flowering switch on the LED so they got full specturm and within days they started to flower.

You can get away with treatig an auto like a photoperiod and even FIM the plant, but your milage will vary, sometimes when I have FIMed an auto it has gone off like a rocket and immediately started flowering so I ended up with a beany plant, but others will just plod on doing the right thing.

I soon realised I could easiy run 4 auto in my tent so even if one ends up smaller it averages out and you learn something from every run, I now have 4 Sweet Valley Kush photoperiod girls happily growing in my tent, which I  though would not be possible 2 years ago when I started to grow indoors. :D

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