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This is my UK outdoor grow consisting of 9 Lemon Venom, 1 Cookie Kush, 1 Critical Kush, 1 Ice Breaker and 1 Mong U Mental. I decided to do this journal because you dont see many UK Journals going around the web so I would like to share my grow with you.

All of them have just been planted in the ground at 5 weeks old, I Topped them all but 2 because of the suns position and I will be with you all until my October harvest.

I will tell you what has been happening up until now.

The paper and towel method was used for germination and I had a 100% success rate. All the seeds went in Terra Professional soil and they all went under a 250w red CFL, I chose this because it was lying around and my 125 blue CFL just didn`t cut it, they were stretching like crazy. After a week in the heated propagator I placed them all under a 600w HPS 15 inches from the tops and they just thrived.

I did not use any Nutrients up until week 3/4 which I then used Big Bud and CX Growth Enhancer at half the suggested dose.

I will be posting updates with pictures at least once a month depending on the changes my plants undergo.

Week 5:





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What's up!  A Friend of mine just finished a cookies kush plant indoors.  Has a really nice flavor!  I my self have a cookies kush clone and a critical kush clone growing in a greenhouse, so might get to see in my own journal in the future!  Anyhow, my recommendation for you is this!  Ground cover!  First, get a couple bags of compost, and worm castings.  Spread the compost and wormcastings concentrated at the base of your plants perhaps an inch or two thick.  Then spread a few pounds of dry organic soil amendments into the layer of compost.  Kelp meal, crab meal, neem meal, alfalfa meal.  Your choice.  Then what you need to find is 'seeding mulch' it's essentially straw without seed. With this mulch, cover all soil that is exposed to the air and sun. You may also want to Turn the raw ground into a 'living mulch'.  To do this simply spread seeds of a typical 'cover crop' under the seeding mulch and keep moist for a few days.  The mulch and compost will go far in reducing your watering needs and will help maintain the biology in the soil thereby increasing the vigor and health and yield of your plants.

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Your grow-plot looks interesting and cozy.


The plants look beautiful.  Do you have an update for us?  The girls must be looking magnificent today.

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