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Howdy from the Mitten State

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Hey guys! 

       Just thought I'd tell a little about myself. I've been growing about 6 years now, and loving every minute of it. I've been a user of medical herb since I was in 8th or 9th grade, they always said weed would be a gateway to more dangerous things like sucking toes for crack and fruit loops. Well, they were half right, in that MJ can be a gateway, but not to dangerous things,  whenever anyone I talk to says the words "cannabis is a gateway" in that order is when they say "growing has been a gateway to gardening, I now have a jungle in my backyard." or something similar. Thats the boat I'm in, at first I was only into growing my girls. Then I decided to grow some catnip for my little fuzzy buddy Etnie. After I learned catnip had pest repellant properties I looked for other companion plants to help me grow the dank, and found that I'm interested in botany and plants as a whole. 5 years from my first 'companion plant' experiment and I'm growing Tomatoes, Beans (to fix nitrogen into the soil),  and a gang of plants, consisting of Lemon Balm, Mint, Cayenne and Habenaro Peppers, that I plan on turning into an insect repellent. I also have a sundew and Venus Flytrap ... Along with some Romanesco, which I thought was beautiful and has a very interesting fractal pattern.


I love growing both hydroponically and organically in supersoil/no till type situations, Although I find myself digging deeper and deeper into the 'soil food web' rabbit hole. I love the symbiosis achieved by a soil crawling with microbeasties and other soil life, and the fact that i'm not feeding my plants from bottles filled with "who-knows-what" and other shit I cant pronounce. I'm currently using Roots Organic's uprising line to amend my soils and it seems to be going well in my outside bed. For my hydro I'm using Soul Synthetics, I've had good results with Supernatural brand dry nutes but I liked the idea of the soul line, that has both organic inputs as well as mineral. 


I'm also a caregiver for my Mom (who will be referred to from here on out as 'Momma Saint') who has been fighting AML (a form of leukemia) for a few years. after she was first diagnosed, she completed the treatment but ended up with a STAPH infection in her PICC line, which ended up with her in an (induced) month long coma. She recovered from that and in Feb this year she had a nosebleed that wouldn't stop. I brought her into the ER and her AML was back. While we were dealing with that, we decided on a Bone Marrow Transplant to rid her of the leukemia (if all goes well) for many years. We knew there was a chance of something horrible happening but it was a risk we had to take.


On May 18th, the day after my birthday, Momma Saint was admited to the Tranplant Unit at Spectrum/Butterworth hospital. It has been quite a long process, But I'm happy to say it looks like the transplant has been a success, and a couple weeks ago I was able to bring Ma Saint back home to finish healing. She's now about 40 days past her transplant and (knock on wood) there have been zero setbacks and things are all going as planned. It's been more exhausting than I can explain but I'd do it a thousand times again if I had to!

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Hello SaintSkinny and welcome to forum :)


Congratulations on the good news, I'm glad to hear that your family is now recovering, good.



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On 7/3/2017 at 4:48 AM, Jose.gh said:

Hello SaintSkinny and welcome to forum :)


Congratulations on the good news, I'm glad to hear that your family is now recovering, good.



Thanks, Jose! It's been a looong road, and an exhausting journey. Buuut I'd do it 100 times over in a heartbeat, You only have one Mom!

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