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So, it has come the time to share my current experience.

I already grew some (21 plants, actually) weed 7 years ago. I was 17 back then, and had no idea how to grow, what would've come out of it, how many mistakes could the plant forgive, and so on. I was a stupid kind of guy, i guess. 
In my first grow, my "mother" took 6 long months to get out of the Veg phase. We started it in February, and she went into flowering only half way into August.
I say we 'cause i wasn't alone doing it, of course. I had my uncle, back then, but that's another story. Anyway, that mother (Cherry was her name) yielded me approx. 130 dry grams of good weed. Not too strong, not too weak, just the right high to stone you on your couch, tilt your head 50-60° degrees while watching tv and die off.

Second grow went better, same seeds, 600g dry weed from 3 mothers and 17 clones (all of them rooted, we were amazed). 
Gotta say i smoked my part (300g) in 2 or so months. I smoke a lot. I like smoking. 

Back to us, in november, 2016, i started growing tomatoes, lettuce, habaneros, carrots and such, cause i wanted to get rid of a bad and long cycle of depression i had going on for several years. I thought that growing stuff might have helped me, and it did. 
So, in June, a friend of mine (which is a volunteer, currently working in Tijuana) brought me 4 seeds he found in a "delicious" weed he had bought. I told him many, many times i didn't want to grow again, i didn't like taking risks etc, but he somehow convinced me to sprout them. Just to see, you know, what would come out of it.

And here i am, 1 month or so after their sprouting, writing this topic.
I'll specify a bit what is my current equipment:

- 4x 6500K 35W Led Lamps
- 4x Full Spectrum 45W Led Lamps
- 1x Hortifan 15cm fan
- Some sticky paper here and there
- BioBizz AllMix soil
- BioBizz Root Juice, Grow and Bloom as nutes
- H2O2 as root enhancer and bug killer
- Neem Oil as bug killer
- A lot of love. And passion. And munchies.


- 2x Tomato clones
- 1x Watermelon sprout
- 3x Friend's bagseed doing well.
- 1x Small aloe clone. 

The Aloe serves as O2 / CO2 regulator. I found out that Aloe Vera has an inverted process of Air consumption. While weed "eats" CO2 during the day, and expells it during the night while absorbing O2, Aloe Vera will do the exact opposite. 
The tomatoes are just there because why not, i just like eating tomatoes. 
The watermelon.. well, it resides in half half-liter bottle (250ml), i just want to see how she develops. I'll transplant her in soil someday, don't worry :3

Following, from first to last, the photos of my bagseed subjects.
























After this one, it got transplanted, but the photo is in another format so i'll post another one later
















Since these last photos, it has passed a week or so. I am currently trying to resolve 2 problems:
I have fungus gnats flying around, and as you can see there are some sticky papers here and there.
I am already applying H2O2 and Neem Oil cures. 
Second problem is a PH unbalance in all the Subjects, but mostly on SUB 1. 
I haven't watched the PH since the first day. I didn't care, i'm paying the price for it.

Also, the place has been without ventilation for 20+ days. It has been only recently that i brought in a fan.
Temperature stays around 28 in working hours, 24 at night (82-75 F°).

I'll update the topic as soon as i receive my PH meter and feed my babies. 
Until then, have a good time.
A presto.



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To help you with your gnat problem:

Yeah, I use Neem Oil thinned-down with water and sprayed, but only if my infestation is advanced.  And I haven't had bad infestations for many many months now.



That may be due to two other things that I do to keep out the pests:


1.  I do allow small garden spiders to live among my plants in the tents (not spider-mites).  Spiders are wonderful at hunting down and destroying just about any infestation.  Spiders are wonderful.  The best hunters are the jumping spiders.  They are pro-active and chase the pests down, and they don't spin webs, at least none that I have seen.  Unfortunately for them, after they have done their job, they will eventually die of starvation somewhere in the bottom of the tent, no problem to clean up later.  I just toss their bodies into the next batch of soil.


2.  In each of my tents I operate a miniature bug-zapper round-the-clock that uses a very-low energy (3-Watts) UV-lamp to attract the bugs.  It really works, as is evidenced by the numerous bug carcasses that have accumulated inside them over the past 3 years since they were put in service.  (Sadly, even some of the spiders find their end there too.  Let me see if I can find the source for those bug-zappers; if I find it, I will share it here with you.


Well, I cannot find the exact source for the model that I have, but that isn't important.  During my search, I discovered that the market has today an even better selection than when I bought those two.  The market has even developed smaller bug-zappers about the same size as a standard light bulb using UV-LEDs.  And they screw into a standard E27 or Candelabra lightbulb-socket.  Here is a link that I found after a  simple  google search for "bug zapper":  https://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/Liste/110778265/bug-light-zapper.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4feL_Z_k1gIVirvtCh27YwjoEAAYAiAAEgJKVfD_BwE

Small or miniature bug-zappers are also easily found in ebay or amazon.



In both the Vegg tent and the Flowering tent, I run the zappers round-the-clock.  In the Flowering tent, even though its light is very dim, the zapper is located either under the support table or behind the filter to prevent the light reaching the plants during sleep-time.


I'll also include here the URL for one of my favorite grow-room suppliers:  www.growmart.de


Enjoy exploring.


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Thanks for your response. 

1. I always leave around spiders when cleaning. I am lucky enough that my house is pretty well nested with jumping spiders, if they are the kind you're talking about. The ones living around here are often black, with white-ish stripes or dots. They're approximately 10 mm long, or less than half an inch. You can find brown ones, sure, but blacks is what i find around here the most. There is a saying in my place, that goes like "spiders bring you money". I always try to not wipe them, hoping i'll find money, eventually hehehe.. Never had success. 
But, they do keep mosquitos out of my way in summer. 

2. Unfortunately, i do not have the physical space to incorporate such a lamp. I do have one already in my garage, sitting there, waiting to be awakened, but it's kinda big.

I needed to clarify in my first post that my grow box isn't very large at all.
I built it on my own, took me 3 days to figure out (and produce) the pieces. 
It's a rectangular structure, aluminium, pretty solid standing on its own. 
She's 60x60x160 cm, or 2x2x5.3 ft.
I had to build it because, well, i had to hide it in my room, and buying a secret jardin wasn't an option. 
I enjoy crafting my equip. In fact, all the lamp supports, and the grow box itself, are my labour. 
Personally i think it should be the way to go. Buying is a good thing when you need big stuff fast, but crafting takes time and patience. 
It's weird, i'm 24 but i feel 80.
Might be my profile pic's fault.

I also cannot put a bug zapper cause i am afraid i could start a fire. My room is woody, and the house was built around 1930. Not a good combo.

My neem oil recipe is 0,5 - 1 ML per water liter, but i've come across many recipes in many sites. I hope i have the good one, but i kindly ask your confirmation.

Tomorrow i will post a photo that shows the PH problem i was talking about (or at least, what i think is the problem).
But i would like to ask you if my diagnosis is correct:
The leaf shows yellowing between its "lines", like you forgot to color the leaf. 
The leaf then gets completely yellow, super soft, and crumbly at the edges. 
It's like i'm witnessing autumn on my weed leaves.
The problem first showed up on the lowest leaves, then it's gradually building up. It's in the mid as i'm writing.

Thank for your help, and your time. I'll go play my mandolino wearing a mafia hat and yelling "mamma mia"

EDIT: Another clarification. Since i grow in my room, trying to be as ninja as possible, i grow them low on purpose. 
One of the three subjects has already gone into flowering, but that's not a problem.
I intend flower my babies when they're 20cm high. I want 40-50 cm max plants. 
My first mother was 2 meters tall, and was an indica. 
I wish someday weed will be legal over here. I just want to be able to grow my house-sized weed tree :3

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Little update:

I've received, finally, my smart pots and PH tester. 
I tested first my clean water (i don't use bottled water), and it was around 7. 
Then i tested it with nutes, and it got to 6.8-6.7. 
Then i thought it could be my clay pebbles. Tested them, the water comes out at 7.1.
This isn't that basic after all, i was expecting at least a 7.5.

So, i managed to get one photo of the problem i'm talking about.




The problem shows up as the leaf in the middle: yellowing with brown spot in the midst.
It then proceeds like on the lower leaf: turns yellow leaving a green skeleton.
It then decays in brown and rots.

I first thought i was fucking up with nutes. Then i thought it was a fungi. Now i think it is a PH problem, but it is a really weird one.
This problem is mainly showing up on this girl. Half of her leaves are like the middle one. She's 5 weeks into Veg, switched to bloom just a few days ago.

The other 2 subjects are showing small grey/brown spots, but the plants are 99% healty and green.

Since tomorrow is feeding day, i'm asking you guys if you can give me your opinion/diagnosis on this. 
I don't want to fuck things even more up :D

Also, as i said, i'm using Grow, Bloom and Root Juice from BioBizz. I don't follow their schedule, that is pure BS. 
I follow my own schedule, and i've followed it for 3 grows. This problem never showed up.

Anyway, thanks for your time reading. It really means something to me, seeing my work is being appreciated by someone.

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I have so much fun reading your text, man.


You just don't know...

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I would recommend with Bio-Bizz, every third day. 


Yeah, let her dry out at the roots a little bit.  She'll thank you later.

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Holy heck, is Bing still a thing? Wow, i've missed some..

It is nice to know that somebody enjoy my rambling. 

This is my schedule:

BBG = BioBizz Grow
BBB = BioBizz Bloom

Sorry this is kinda long..

11 ottobre BLOOM 6 2ML/LT BBG, 1ML/LT BBB, 0.3ML LIMONE
12 ottobre BLOOM    
13 ottobre BLOOM    
14 ottobre BLOOM    
15 ottobre BLOOM   2LT Water
16 ottobre BLOOM    
17 ottobre BLOOM    
18 ottobre BLOOM 7 2ML/LT BBG, 1ML/LT BBB
19 ottobre BLOOM    
20 ottobre BLOOM    
21 ottobre BLOOM    
22 ottobre BLOOM   2LT Water
23 ottobre BLOOM    
24 ottobre BLOOM    
25 ottobre BLOOM 8 3ML/LT BBG, 2ML/LT BBB
26 ottobre BLOOM    
27 ottobre BLOOM    
28 ottobre BLOOM    
29 ottobre BLOOM   2LT Water
30 ottobre BLOOM    
31 ottobre BLOOM    
1 novembre BLOOM 9 3ML/LT BBG, 2ML/LT BBB
2 novembre BLOOM    
3 novembre BLOOM    
4 novembre BLOOM    
5 novembre BLOOM   3LT Water
6 novembre BLOOM    
7 novembre BLOOM    
8 novembre BLOOM 10 3ML/LT BBG, 3ML/LT BBB
9 novembre BLOOM    
10 novembre BLOOM    
11 novembre BLOOM    
12 novembre BLOOM   3LT Water
13 novembre BLOOM    
14 novembre BLOOM    
15 novembre BLOOM 11 3ML/LT BBG, 3ML/LT BBB
16 novembre BLOOM    
17 novembre BLOOM    
18 novembre BLOOM    
19 novembre BLOOM   3LT Water
20 novembre BLOOM    
21 novembre BLOOM    
22 novembre BLOOM 12 3ML/LT BBG, 4ML/LT BBB
23 novembre BLOOM    
24 novembre BLOOM    
25 novembre BLOOM    
26 novembre BLOOM   3LT Water
27 novembre BLOOM    
28 novembre BLOOM    
29 novembre BLOOM 13 3ML/LT BBG, 4ML/LT BBB
30 novembre BLOOM    
1 dicembre BLOOM    
2 dicembre BLOOM    
3 dicembre BLOOM   3LT Water
4 dicembre BLOOM    
5 dicembre BLOOM    
6 dicembre BLOOM 14 3ML/LT BBG, 4ML/LT BBB
7 dicembre BLOOM    
8 dicembre BLOOM    
9 dicembre BLOOM    
10 dicembre BLOOM   3LT Water
11 dicembre BLOOM    
12 dicembre BLOOM    
13 dicembre BLOOM 15 150% Water
14 dicembre BLOOM    
15 dicembre BLOOM    
16 dicembre BLOOM    
17 dicembre BLOOM   150% Water
18 dicembre BLOOM    
19 dicembre BLOOM    
20 dicembre HARVEST 16 Harvest Day :3


I started doing only RJ, gradually building up from 1ML/LT, then 2, then 4, then again 4, then 2, and now 0.
I introduced BBG at Week 3.

I still think my problem is related to PH a bit too basic, yet i'm amazed at how much cannabis plants are different from each other.
In the same enviroment, i have one indica, one hybrid and one sativa, all 3 having different stages of growth. 
And you know what i truly enjoy about this? I love the fact that i totally do not know what i'm growing. 
And i also love the fact that i am learning from my mistakes. Wish i did at work too.. hehe.

Yesterday night a friend brought me a pack of Orange Bud seeds. If this grow fails, i will start over with them.


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So, i have found this chart:


SYMPTOMS N P K Ca S Mg Fe Mn B Mb Zn Cu Over Fert.
Yellow Upper Leaves No No No No Yes No Yes No No No No No No
Yellow Middle Leaves No No No No No No No No No Yes No No No
Yellow Lower Leaves Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No No No No No No No
Red Stems Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No No No No No No No
Necrosis No No Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes No
Spots No No No No No No No Yes No No No No No
Growing Shoots Die No No No No No No No No Yes No No No No
White Leaf Tips No No No No No Yes No No No No Yes No No
Stunted Growth Yes Yes No Yes No No No No No No No No No
Deformed New Growth No Yes No No No No No No No No No No No
Yellow Tips No No No No No No No No No No No No Yes
Twisted Growth No No No No No No No No Yes No No No No

And i concluded that either i have:

1. A deficiency (or excess) of Molybdenum, Boron, NPK, Manganese all together, even though i was feeding my babies regularly;
2. A build up of nutrients, either on the root zone or in the dirt zone;
3. A curse from an old cunt this summer who "cut" my road. I have no license, i have a bike. Nobody shows love for a bike.
4. A PH problem, either caused by number 2. or number 3.


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has there been a big ph change like 1 full point

at any one time, did this happen quickly or over

time and check for bugs


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Unfortunately, i haven't measured PH before yesterday. 
I don't know if there were any spikes, changes, or anything. All i know is that she started suffering 2-3 weeks ago, and the thing is still going on.
Bugs still appear now and then, sticky paper gets rid of 'em. 
I'll water today, hopefully i'll know what's going on beneath my roots ;)


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Ok so, here i am, counting my losses, praying for at least one single goddamned win.

Feeding day, followed the schedule. 
On close inspection, i found out i have Spider Mites! YAY!!
One of the yellow leaves had a silky-web all over, but no mites. I then looked at one green-ish leaf, and i saw beneath there were multiple of these fuckers. 
I am pretty sure they are mites, they're white-bordered and rusty-red in the middle. Pieces of shit.
Also, on closer inspection, i found white specs (tiny tiny dots, something like 0.05mm) on almost all the leaves, some more, some less.
They look like a handful of grey sand on a black table. 

I also tested my runoff PH, and surprise surprise, it was acid like fuck!
S1 had a runoff of 5.5, S2 and S3 were close to 5!

I repeat, my solution stands at 6.8, my soil with clay measures 6.7, but the runoff is 5. I don't fucking get it.

I flushed S2, only for trial and error. I fed regularly the other 2.

I applied an intense neem oil cure, standing at 2ML/LT, diluted in warm water, sprayed every square millimiter, beneath and above, of my babies. 
I know i wont get rid of them soon, i just aint giving up on these fucks. 

So, little recap:

- PH Solution 6.8
- Runoff PH 5.2 (on average)
- Showing yellowing, brown spots
- Have fungus gnats minor infestation
- Have spider mites medium infestation
- Have my balls kind of busted by pests

I want to thank you guys who are following this. 
I never have the opportunity to speak about my love for marijuana, and my true love for growing it. 
I live in a family where smoking weed is considered morally bad, so seeing more than one person helping me out on this, discussing my problems, laughing a bit, gives me breath and hope for a "greener" future. Thank you.
I wish someday i'll offer you a drink!


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LOL, I hve so much fun with your journal...


Sorry you have the spider mites.  As long as you are in Vegg, keep applying that Neem against the mites.  You might have to step up to a stronger pest control against those mites, but just get rid of them before flowering.  You don't want those pests any where near your buds.  And be sure to clean your grow area with bleach water both now and after these plants have moved on.  Spider mites are difficult to get rid of.

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Following your lead.
Next thing i'll do tomorrow is cleaning like a beast. 
Should i treat with neem oil every day, or.. follow another schedule? The room stinks like hell, i gotta sleep in it.
I hate sleeping, but.. Has to be done.

I was also thinking about starting over.
Since this is all "Science, Bitch!" for me, i was prepared enough to reserve me another 50L bag of soil.
And since i am a month and 10 days into this, i can start over and lose overall some dirt, and some love.

What i can do when i start over, though, is make sure i have prepped my soil, make sure everything's fine and dandy, clean, and bug-free.

I'll see what will happen in these next 7 days. If the situation worsen, i'll start over. 
I should not "grow fond" to them, if they're going to die anyway..


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I just came back from work, and took a look at the girls.
They're still infested with mites, but is see no more fungus gnats flying around, so that's a mehh..
I can spot easily 2-3 mites per leaf tip, giving the whole leaf about 20 mites.
The motherfuckers move slowly, but move. I am not sure my neem oil-soap solution is working good.

I am sorry i sound much more angry, i'm kinda feeling like i stepped on my balls.

Anyway, i evaluated my options, and either I:
- Continue with my neem oil-soap solution, day by day, increasing the concentration
- Pass onto harsher pesticides, like rubbing alcohol or chemical pesticides
- Start over

If you were me, what would you do? 
Small recap

- 40 days old babies
- fungus gnats momentarily defeated
- spider mites racing on
- a whole lot of supplies. literally. i can start over anytime and lose just some carbon (the plants).

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Goddamn, i'm becoming anxious. But i guess it's pretty normal, right? Heheheh..

Anyway, i found out my neem oil solution WAS actually pretty weak. I was using 1ML/LT with 3 drops of soap, while i should've used 8ML/LT + 5ML of soap. 
This might explain why it took so damn long for the fungus gnats to finally die off.

So i mixed up my solution, sprayed them good. 
What i'm amazed about this is that the poor watermelon in the bottle is doing just fine. No webs, no mites, no nothing. Love it.

Got 2 shots just for curiosity:


My homemade "secret jardin".
As you can guess, i can slide up and down each lamp for better distribution. 



A "close" up of my babies. 
On bottom right, S1. Started well, but she looks so sad :'(
On bottom left, S2. She flowered on her own under 18/6. Wonder if its an auto.
In the middle, S3. She was the smalles, but now... 

Hope you guys are having better luck than me. 

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I don't know what brands are available to you in Italy, but there are pesticide sprays that work against spider mites.  I remember specifically the brand Neudorff.


You should be able to find same or similar products at a local garden center or home improvement center.  Here we have stores:  Dehner or Toom or Bauhaus or Baywa or Obi where they can be bought. 


I don't think you need to start over.  Fighting and winning against spider mites should be a good learning experience. 


I would recommend spraying every 2 to 3 days as long as you continue to see the mites.  When you finally don't see them any more, I would recommend that you rinse the leaves, both top and underside by spraying a solution of 100ml hydrogen peroxide in 900ml distilled water.  Spray the leaves thoroughly allowing them to drip into their own soil.  The liter that you spray like that will also act as a watering for the roots, with the added benefit, that the soil will also be treated with the Neem and pesticide to help kill-off any eggs from the mites or gnats.


When you eventually switch any of these plants over to Flowering photoperiod, it would be best to perform a flush to help clean that pesticide from the soil, and to prepare the soil for the change to flowering nutrients.  Just remember, after a true flushing (3x the pots volume administered over about an hour), you should follow the flush right away with the first flowering feeding, but at half strength.  After that, wait 2 or 3 days longer than usual before the next watering/feeding, so that the soil can dry-out and oxygen can return to the soil.


All these flushes and feedings should be done with pH'd water.  (Of course, the distilled spray is not pH'd.  It starts as 7.0, then the hydrogen peroxide has its influence, whatever that is.)

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Yes, i've realized i should fight them instead of giving up. Not only for the sole purpose of a "good experience", but because this has become personal. 
They invaded my space. They gotta pay.

I will spray every 2-3 days. 
I also bought any kind of alcohol, for cleaning, and a pesticide. 

My morale is a bit on the floor, 'cause i had to spray S2, that has some mite even near the flowers. 
Yet S3 seems holding up, so i trust i'll get rid of them once and for all, someday.
I should buy some gloves, my hands stink after 5 washings hehehe

Thanks for the time you put into answering me. Means a lot.

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Oh, I almost forgot.  You can also fight spidermites with wild humidity fluctuations.


Seal-up your tent with a couple wet towels hanging inside so that it gets very humid with the lights on for one day.  Then during lights off, remove the source of humidity and let the tent return to normal humidity (so that mold wont start).  Repeat after about 3 days.  Spidermites like it dry.  They hate the humidity.

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I woke up sick. Guess i'm connected to the babies.
Anyway, that's a good opportunity to follow up-close the enviroment.

I put a wet towel inside, but i'm having difficulties placing the second one: i have no more room. 
Humidity inside has reached 60%, hopefully i'll bring it to 75%. That's what i had to when i was growing 7 years ago, for Veg Phase.

I checked under the leaves, just to see how were the mites doing. 
They're moving slowly, much more since yesterday. 
I don't know if it is because day has just begun, or because i increased the neem oil concentration in my solution. 
Either way, this makes me happy. Means i can get out of this :)
Another thing i did, i left some neem oil drops just outside my windows. Not diluted.
Since my city is labeled as "garden city", you can imagine the amount of trees and vegetation around me. That doesn't sound good for possible infestations, so i thought that leaving some drops might prevent them from trying to sneak in. A con? If i open my windows, it smells like ass :D

I'll post an update in the afternoon, as soon as i get my hands on pyrethrum spray (we call it Piretrina, took me a bit to figure out what it was hehe).
I've also purchased any kind of alcohol (ethyl, denatured, food grade). 

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Oh yeah, pyrethrin is also a good chemical-based pesticide, just remember not to apply it within 2 or 3 weeks of harvest.  And be sure to flush a plant at least 2 weeks before harvest so the plant can rid itself of some of the pyrethrin that it has absorbed.


The use of alcohol (any alcohol) on the plants is unknown to me.  I use isopropyl alcohol ONLY to clean instruments before touching the plants.


Where did you hear of using alcohol on the plant?  (I would be afraid that the alcohol might hurt the plant.)

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And your grow-space smells like ass?


Aren't you ventilating the grow-space with an exhaust ventilator to the outside?


If not, you might become vulnerable to mold.


Another benefit to ventilating away to the outside is that it ensures that fresh air (with the needed CO2) is coming into the grow-space.

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The grow space smells like ass for 2 reasons:

1. It is not fully sealed. 
2. Neem oil kind of smells like ass. Neem oil spray is.. like a fart sprayer.

I cannot ventilate directly outside my home, i would get busted in less than a day if i did.
But my grow room shares the same air with my bedroom. 

Yes, yes, i realize this grow is bannable from every conceivable reality and dimension.
I am breaking so many rules i am also wondering why my plants didn't smoke me already (scary movie 2).

Next year i'll manage to buy a real grow box. 
I just need to figure out how to exhaust my air. I can buy a filter, of course, but i don't have any holes for that. And, i can't keep a window open at night.
Two main reasons: cold temperatures, thieves. Italy's a weird place.
I read about alcohol on other forums, but i limited myself to cleaning too. I wont test alcohol on MJ, let someone else do it hehehe

Anyway, i've followed your instructions and happened to reach 80% humidity throughout the day. Removed the wet towels, it dropped back to 50%.
I'll repeat the process in 3 days.

Thanks for your tips :)


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Small update:

S3 (aka cindy) is a female! She put her white hairs out tonight, yesterday they weren't there. I'm so glad she is a she!
I've also noticed that the numer of mites is decreasing. I'll keep spraying for another 2 weeks, just in case. 
Those spikes in humidity are working wonderfully.
Also, S1 is stable, and i don't see any more yellowing. 
S2 (aka rebecca) is starting to pump her flowers. 

I'll post pictures in the afternoon.

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Glad that I could help...

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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