original sour diesel Nitro deficiency? PH lockout?

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Original sour diesel 3 weeks veg can't work it out whats wrong

ph perfect nutes

ph reading 6.9

ec 1.3






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ph of 6.9 might be a little high for cannabis.  Here's a link to charts showing which minerals are absorbed at which ph's:



I'd be tempted to do a flush with very low ec/ppm water(run off rain water, etc) with ph'd 5.8-6.0 water and flush until the run off is ~6.0.


What is in your growing medium (I found that some mediums hold alkalinity and ph is very hard to get down) @leon420

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It appears to be in DWC, if this is the case your water should be ph 5.5-6.0 in veg

growth, this appears to be root problem, check for brown and smelly roots.

Make sure of an air gap between water and bottom of net pot and if using

rockwool as medium make the air gap larger, keep temps below 20c.

hope this helps


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