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WhiteRhino + Feeding Line Test | LedCherryBerry

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It is finally time to start this new year with a decent grow journal.
Thanking GreenHouseSeeds for giving me this amazing opportunity to test out their WhiteRhino strain, and their Bio Feeding Line of powder nutrients.

As mentioned in the inscription post, this will be my equipment:

- 4x 6500K 35W LED
- 4x Full Spectrum 45W LED
- The GreenHouseSeed bank BIO Feeding Line
- A 60x60x170 SecretJardin Grow Tent
- Airflow with one small fan, and 2 filtered extractors (IN and OUT) for 108m3/h.
- 2 initial WhiteRhino seeds, 1 will be chosen and brought to flowering.
- Pot sizes, varying from 1L, to 6L, to 11L, to 18L.
- A scrog net (this will be my first scrog attempt, please be merciful)
- A lot of love and joy doing this. And duct tape. And beer.

I plan to increase light power with the increased growth. 
- 1° Week 70W
- 2° Week 105W
- 3°-5° Week 140W
- 6°-7 Week 140W + 45W FS
- 8°-12° Week 140W + 90W FS
- Remaining Weeks at Maxium Light Output (140W + 180W FS)
With this i want to simulate the increased output of the sun, transitioning from spring, to summer.
At the end of Week 7 i'll perform the switch to 12-12. 

I also plan to feed the girls 6 weeks for VEG, and 8 Weeks for Bloom. I'll start feeding at week 4, when i transplant from 6L to the final pot (which i still need to decide between 11 and 18L). 

This is the current plan for the grow, that WILL be revised as i go on. I'm sharing it just to give an idea.

Date Phase Week Grow Feeding Bloom Feeding Light Power Light Schedule
  GERM         18 – 6 | 5.30 – 23.30
  GERM         12 – 12 | 7.00 – 19.00
07/01/18 GERM 0 1/8 /Lt Soil   90W 6500k 18 – 6
08/01/18 GERM          
09/01/18 GERM          
10/01/18 GERM          
11/01/18 GERM          
12/01/18 GROW          
13/01/18 GROW          
14/01/18 GROW 1 ¼ /Lt Soil   90W 6500k 18 – 6
15/01/18 GROW          
16/01/18 GROW          
17/01/18 GROW          
18/01/18 GROW          
19/01/18 GROW          
20/01/18 GROW          
21/01/18 GROW 2 ¼ /Lt Soil   135W 6500k 18 – 6
22/01/18 GROW          
23/01/18 GROW          
24/01/18 GROW          
25/01/18 GROW          
26/01/18 GROW          
27/01/18 GROW          
28/01/18 GROW 3 ¼ /Lt Soil   135W 6500k 18 – 6
29/01/18 GROW          
30/01/18 GROW          
31/01/18 GROW          
01/02/18 GROW          
02/02/18 GROW          
03/02/18 GROW          
04/02/18 TRAPIANTO 4 2G/LT Substrate   180W 6500k 18 – 6
05/02/18 GROW          
06/02/18 GROW          
07/02/18 GROW          
08/02/18 GROW          
09/02/18 GROW          
10/02/18 GROW          
11/02/18 GROW 5 ¼ /Lt Soil   180W 6500k 18 – 6
12/02/18 GROW          
13/02/18 GROW          
14/02/18 GROW          
15/02/18 GROW          
16/02/18 GROW          
17/02/18 GROW          
18/02/18 GROW 6 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil   180W 6500k 18 – 6
19/02/18 GROW          
20/02/18 GROW          
21/02/18 GROW          
22/02/18 GROW          
23/02/18 GROW          
24/02/18 GROW          
25/02/18 GROW 7 ¼ /Lt Soil   180W 6500k 18 – 6
26/02/18 GROW          
27/02/18 GROW          
28/02/18 GROW          
01/03/18 GROW          
02/03/18 GROW          
03/03/18 GROW          
04/03/18 BLOOM 8 - 1 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil   180W 6500k + 35W FS 18 – 6
05/03/18 BLOOM          
06/03/18 BLOOM          
07/03/18 BLOOM          
08/03/18 BLOOM          
09/03/18 BLOOM          
10/03/18 BLOOM          
11/03/18 BLOOM 9 - 2 ¼ /Lt Soil   180W 6500k + 35W FS 18 – 6
12/03/18 BLOOM          
13/03/18 BLOOM          
14/03/18 BLOOM          
15/03/18 BLOOM          
16/03/18 BLOOM          
17/03/18 BLOOM          
18/03/18 BLOOM 10 - 3 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil   180W 6500k + 70W FS 18 – 6
19/03/18 BLOOM          
20/03/18 BLOOM          
21/03/18 BLOOM          
22/03/18 BLOOM          
23/03/18 BLOOM          
24/03/18 BLOOM          
25/03/18 BLOOM 11 - 4 ¼ /Lt Soil   180W 6500k + 70W FS 18 – 6
26/03/18 BLOOM          
27/03/18 BLOOM          
28/03/18 BLOOM          
29/03/18 BLOOM          
30/03/18 BLOOM          
31/03/18 TRAPIANTO     3G / LT Substrate    
01/04/18 BLOOM 12 – 5     180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12
02/04/18 BLOOM          
03/04/18 BLOOM          
04/04/18 BLOOM          
05/04/18 BLOOM          
06/04/18 BLOOM          
07/04/18 BLOOM          
08/04/18 BLOOM 13 – 6   ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12
09/04/18 BLOOM          
10/04/18 BLOOM          
11/04/18 BLOOM          
12/04/18 BLOOM          
13/04/18 BLOOM          
14/04/18 BLOOM          
15/04/18 BLOOM 14 – 7   ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12
16/04/18 BLOOM          
17/04/18 BLOOM          
18/04/18 BLOOM          
19/04/18 BLOOM          
20/04/18 BLOOM          
21/04/18 BLOOM          
22/04/18 BLOOM 15 – 8   ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12
23/04/18 BLOOM          
24/04/18 BLOOM          
25/04/18 BLOOM          
26/04/18 BLOOM          
27/04/18 BLOOM          
28/04/18 BLOOM          
29/04/18 BLOOM 16 – 9   ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 105W FS 12 – 12
30/04/18 BLOOM          
01/05/18 BLOOM          
02/05/18 BLOOM          
03/05/18 BLOOM          
04/05/18 BLOOM          
05/05/18 BLOOM          
06/05/18 BLOOM 17 – 10   ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 105W FS 12 – 12
07/05/18 BLOOM          
08/05/18 BLOOM          
09/05/18 BLOOM          
10/05/18 BLOOM          
11/05/18 BLOOM          
12/05/18 BLOOM          

18 - 11



I planned some more weeks for the flowering, just in case the girls decide to keep going a bit longer.

I also tried to germinate one seed some days before the new year, but it popped the surface as a dead seed.
The root grew (small), but the small plant never got rid of the seed shells (after 14 days).
I started 2 new seeds, and am waiting for them to pop the surface. 

I will decide between the 2, who gets to stay.

Below, some pics of the equipment:


This is the light rack i've crafted. Pretty basic, huh?



Pot sizes AND room space. The little white buddy on the bottom right is the dehumidifier, that will be turned on when i switch to 12-12.



A special thanks to GreenHouseSeeds. You guys are amazing.

Nothing left to say, till the girls pop the surface.
Until then...



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Wow! You're a man with a plan (and soon I lovely blooming plant). 


In your decision about final pot size, perhaps think on the difference between 1l & 6l is a factor of 6, and 6l & 11l is a factor of less than 2 (while 6l vs 18l is a factor of 3 [a better ratio than the 11l ratio and it'll still fit in the tent imv]).


Good luck!


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11 hours ago, ShaggyGrower said:

Wow! You're a man with a plan (and soon I lovely blooming plant). 


In your decision about final pot size, perhaps think on the difference between 1l & 6l is a factor of 6, and 6l & 11l is a factor of less than 2 (while 6l vs 18l is a factor of 3 [a better ratio than the 11l ratio and it'll still fit in the tent imv]).


Good luck!


Hey buddy,

My fault on that one. The 6L pot is actually a 4L pot. I've mistaken that size with another pot, that is currently used on another plant (not weed).
So the procession goes: 1-4-11-18 (4-2.5-1.6 the ratio)

Thank you guys. I'll see you when the little bastards pop the surface and say "Hello!"

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The seeds i put into germination were the fastest germinat... germin... Is germinaters even a word? Meh, who cares, it is now.
Anyway, they both took less than 24hrs to germinate, and 2 days to pop the surface.
I waited an extra day to see the leaves coming out, and well.. 1 out of 2 has its leaves out. 
The other one has its leaves still closed, but it looks it's going to die like the first one who took more than 15 days.
Anyway, below the pics for a better understanding of the situation:




This is going to be labeled WR-1, as it is the first of the 2 to properly pop the surface.



This is going to be labeled WR-2, but i'm not even sure it'll even survive. 
Can you see the brown spot at the leaf tip? I'm afraid the seed is partially dead, or rotten.

As far as this has gone, 1 seed out of 3 properly put out its leaves. 
I'll wait a couple days more to see if the WR-2 recovers, but as of now it's pretty clear who gets to stay, and who gets a kick in the ass.

I'm also having a few issues with the timers.
My program is SET in this way: 1 program, MON to SUN, Auto On at 5.30, Auto Off at 23.30.
What i've discovered is that they do what the fuck they want.
Timer number one goes Auto On at 5.00, Auto Off 23.18-23.25 (Yes, it varies).
Timer number two goes Auto On at 5.30, Auto Off 22.30 O'clock. 
So, yesterday evening, quite confused and angry, i've done a reset, and reinsterted the wanted parameters.
This morning i find Timer 2 correctly functioning, Timer 1 forgot to switch from Auto On to Auto Off.

For mental sanity i'll need to resolve this issue as soon as fucking possible. I can, for now, bring the lights on Timer2, and fans on Timer 1. But in a month i'll need more than 4 lights on. I'm thinking of buying a single, dimmable light, and transfer the rack in the tomato greenhouse. 
If you guys have any suggestions about a decent timer, it's welcome. 
I'm currently using 2 of these: https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B00QRXU7ZW/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_12?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A11IL2PNWYJU7H
I am kind of figuring out i've fucked up, and i bought 2 chinese toys.

If you guys know where to buy a bag of patience... :D

Anyway, i'll see you in another 3-4 days.

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1 minute ago, ShaggyGrower said:

Hi @LedCherryBerry,


WR-2 does not look to bad.  I'd be trying to gently tease those cotyledons open a little. I am a sucker for the underdog :clapping:


Regarding timers, I have a couple of these that work fine: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00TB2XZLE/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Good luck!

Hey Shaggy,

I'll need to buy adaptors for that, as where i live the socket is quite different. 
Another thing is, what voltage do you guys have at your home? We currently run with 220v, and since i'm no electrician guy, i don't know if coupling them wrong could fuse or fuck up things.

I'll look though the company's models, to see if they have anything with our sockets.
I just don't want to buy the old style timers, that keep clicking every 15 minutes, and could drive me insane if trying to get asleep.

Thanks for the info, and the support on WR-2. I Hope too the fucker makes it, i'd like to decide in a month who stays, i need to have a comparison. 

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Hi @LedCherryBerry,

Yup, for that one you'd need to buy an adapter.  Others available with good star ratings from Amazon Italy with a European plug. We have 240v in the UK.





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240v? That's.. weird!
Anyhoo, thank you for the precious links.
I'll try to dig more with the current timers i got for a couple more days. If things don't work out with these, i'll head to a store and ask for a decent one, instead of trusting Amazon and their BOT reviews once again :D
Fun fact, the timer that handled our christmas tree never failed in 18 years. Never seen it fail, never heard from Dad it failed. Unfortunately they're out of production, and double-unfortunately we got only one at home, while i need 2.

I'll also pray Matrix, hoping for an autofix.


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On 11/1/2018 at 7:08 PM, I'm Sal said:

You sure you are not just using aging household timers instead of more recent heavy duty ones?


Most household ones have a load capacity which is generally much less than what is required for growing hence the reason they mess up.


These timers have never ever failed me if its any help and they are far better than the digital ones in my opinion.



Hey Sal, thank you for sticking by!
I've come up with 3 possible solution to the issue.
Sol. 1: I've noticed the malfunctioning timer had a RND which isn't reported anywhere on the instructions. Pressing -1 on the main menu, it disappeared. I'll see overnight and if it stops at the designated sign, it's possible that when resetting it, the timer autogoes RND and that blocks it from switching (Yea, it's confusing for me too).
Sol. 2: I'll have to force myself to sleep while the old style timer you mentioned goes clickety clickety tickety. I already am sleeping while the extractors activate at 5.30 am, so it's quite annoying, but necessary. 
Sol. 3: A guy i know just showed me an industrial timer, with 2 channels, and 30 programs. It's far more professional than the others you find on the net (amazon, ebay). I'll need to craft a box to fit it in. It's a bit more costy (60 euros, i have 25% discount), but since my 2 malfunctioning timers costed me half of that, i figure i could give it a try.

Nice news on the grow side: both babies are alive and well. The brown spot on WR-2 was a transparent part of the seed shell, that blocked the 2 cotyledons from disclosing. I've notived both have stretched a bit, so i've raised them of about 5cm more. 

Tech news: Humidity inside is varying between 50% and 75%. I raise it manually by "feeding" the saucer 1L of water each 3 days. 
Temperature ranges between 20° at night, and 28.5° in the day. 

I don't have CO2 pumps nor a way to measure ppm, but as of now i don't even need it.

I'll add pics overnight with the little update.

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Typical of me, sorry for the late update.

The timer went off. Unfortunately i didn't see at what time, but this morning everything was on. RND is my enemy, but he got defeated.

Here's the closeups of the babies.





And here's what i meant with "raised by 5cm"


I hope they stop stretching this much and start developing more. I've already increased light output to 140W. I'd like to start the FS later on, but i think i'll need to do it as soon as in a month.


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14 minutes ago, slimjim said:

Thats better now 2 little babies

Looking ok maybe a bit tall, but never mind you

could always pot it do and have soil closer to 

leaves or get a breeze on them and strengthen



Raising them put them in the airflow from the extractor (OUT to IN), so they have a gentle breeze blowing on them. 
I'll see what happens in a week.

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Good news: the timers work perfectly. I've "tested" them, they don't miss one second now. 
I've read on various forums that the RND funtion stands for "Random". It's a basic function that allows the timer to "randomize" a little the ON/OFF switch, and it comes handy when you leave your home, as a sort of protection from thieves: random hours, probably at home.
Only problem shows up when you got 1 program, and not more. The outcome is that your ON/OFF will be anticipated or delayed by a matter of a couple hours, in a random manner (13m, 37m, 1hr2m, 2m, etc).
It's possible that when i was reprogramming them, i accidentally hit the -1 button while on the main menu, while looking for the light button (ironic, eh). 

The babies are doing fine. A bit behind, but they're alive and well.
Pics for pleasure.


Second set of leaves came out 2 days ago. 



WR-2 is a day behind her sister. She also presents curly leaves for whatever reason, and the leaf colour is darker. 

Soil, water and water-sprayed are the same for both girls. They're going to be quite different in a month.
I expect WR-2 to grow into a bushy indica, while WR-1 will have longer internodes. Anyhoo, predictions are useless RN.

I've also added a solar-dynamo radio. It must be annoying, for them, to live in a small, cranked space with the fan noise on all the time. At least i'll provide them 8-10 hours of entertainment when i'm away :D

I've also crafted a semi-automatic irrigator. Basically a "+" shaped net, with a tube forming a double "U" shape. The tube has 2mm holes each 10cm. 
In this way, i can water uniformly the surface, in sync. 
I'll post the pic tonight, as i forgot it in the greenhouse after testing it (and giggling).

Thank you all for sticking by, i'll see you very soon.

P.S. As i did, and probably you guys too, have received GHS newsletter, i've discovered they'll come to CanapaMundi, in Rome, from FEB16 to FEB18. 
It's very, very possible that i'll go there and pay a visit. If anybody among you has time to spend there, PM me! It would be a pretty nice occasion to meet my fellow growers from around the world!


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Here's the homemade irrigation system. I laugh so hard (of shame) when i look at it.


4 hours ago, g22 said:

Blumat is a goed automated system for indoor plant with only water needed

When i can, i like to craft my equipment instead of buying it. If i have some waste i can recycle, i'm happy to do it. 
As the first grow tent i had, it was homemade. Odour "leakage" (it was basically open all day) and height issues led me to buy one.

I've also used Blumat similar products, and had Major issues with them.
In my second grow (21 plants) i had to leave for 2 weeks, for summer holidays, and bought the "top of the top" that was present on the italian market at the time.
Anyway, the plants suffered (probably for a whole week) because when i came back, i found the holes clogged (limestone), on ALL the plants.
Mind you, i left them on 3 out of 10, drops would fall each 2-3 seconds. 

Anyhoo, i'll see you again in 3-4 days.

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Small update. 

I am realizing that i will need a second, or even a third fan.
Since tuesday, or when i increased the light output, temperatures have been steadily rising.
Right now, the temperature ranges between 21.3° and 31.5°. 
Since it is winter, i am really concerned for spring. I read that these temps are slightly above the preferred range in VEG, and way above what's best for BLOOM. 
So, as climate outside progresses, my climate inside will too. 

I am going to need to buy a couple more fans. One blowing under the canopy, one above, and one redirecting hot air from the lamps to the extractor.
I'll need to craft a couple more bars, as clippers are kind of hard to.. well, clip, inside this tent. 

WR-1 is increasing the growth rate. She stopped at 10cm height, and is now widening the 2nd set. 
WR-2 has stopped at 8cm, and i am starting to see the 3 tips of the 2nd set of leaves. 
Plants are overall small sized. 
I plan to water them (no enhancer) just before 'sunrise'. 

I'll see you tomorrow for a couple of pics. Peace!

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Another small update.

Playing with airflow made me realize a lot of things.

First of all, i'm going to need at least another fan.
Second, if i remove one carbon filter for more and fresher intake, i will have pressure issues. 
To fix pressure issues, i open the side windows (filtered), yet in this way the carbon filter becomes useless.
Also, by removing the carbon filter, i increased the noise, and it displeases me.

I also figured out that when spring/early summer comes, i will have an air conditioner cooling temperatures in the room (which is already present). 
Meanwhile, i'll diminish the radiator power so room stays cooler, and so will the grow tent. 
Temperatures dropped from 31.5° to 28.5°. 

As of the pics, i will update the journal in 2 days, when i'll hit the beginning of the 3rd week. 
I think it'll show better development, and will keep the journal easy to read through.

As always, peace!

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Update time!

It has been a week of science!

First of all: airflow conclusions.

I've ordered a couple more fans, a bit more powerful than the one i own.
Reason is temperature. There's a temperature difference between grow room and grow tent that i don't like at all (+ - 10°).
I partially solved the issue turning half way down the radiators, and that brought the temperature from a hot 31.5° to a 27-28° range (during lights on). At night, temperature drops at 21°.
Now, 21 to 28 isn't a bad range. Only problem with that is that i had to remove a carbon filter, and this, as i already said above, brought to consequences, such as a difference in pressure, and a LOT of noise that i can't sincerely stand while i sleep (it's like hearing a bathroom fan ON 18 hours a day: pretty fucking annoying).
So, conclusion is: i'll have to minimize radiator's output, while increasing airflow inside the tent to improve hot air circulation and, hopefully, extraction. 

Second: timers.

Yes, the motherfuckers came back with more problems.
Timer n° 1 works perfectly fine.
Timer n° 2 doesn't switch anymore. 
First time this happened was because of RND, which is the "random" feature, which randomizes your programs as an anti-thief device. Deactivated that, the timer worked again. But now, it doesn't switch anymore. Not even manually.
I tried to plug it off, reset it, reset the programs, change switch manually, and do the same things when it was plugged in. 
Result? A lovely punch in the eye.
Conclusion: i've ordered the industrial timer with 2 channels. I should be able to get my hands on it in a week or so. Meanwhile, i'll force myself to wake up early as i've done for 3 months straight last grow. I sincerely don't want to run the same course, as i want to sleep, you know, sometimes.

Third: repotting.

I'm going to move the repotting thing to a couple more days/1 week. I'm still not seeing roots coming out, but the pot starts to have a consistency. As soon as i see them coming out to say hello, they'll head into the 4L pot (right now it's a 1L).

Fourth: feeding.

Today is the beginning of the third week of VEG. 
I've fed them with 1/4 water/soil, adding 0.5g/lt of Enhancer.
I was going nuts cause i couldn't find the spoon in the box, yet i found it in the enhancer itself. Whew!
I also had to lower the PH:
My water stands at 6.8;
Water + Enhancer spiked to 7.3;
I lowered it with PH Down from General Hydroponics to 6.3.
Next watering (possibly in a week or so) is going to be without enhancer.

Fifth: pics.

Now, there's a solid difference between the 2 plants.
As i suspected, WR-1 is going to be the one who stays, as WR-2 is way beyond her sister.
I'll keep them up until Feb 10, at the end of week 4, and i'll eventually decide.




Pics were taken 50 mins after feeding, they're a bit overwatered. No problem with it though, pot dries quickly.


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Hi led i use simpel timer they work very goed some of theme run a littel to faster than a real hour but no so much they cost 7 € i think i dont know if you can find model like that in your country en they last for long and simpel to adjust time and the price is very lower than pro timer 


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Nice update @LedCherryBerry and you plants are looking very nice and healthy.


With regards to the Enhancer, it says ph the water to 5.0 first before adding the Enhancer.


There's been some discussion on this, and I've asked @Jose.gh for advice but nothing yet.


I wonder whether they state ph the water down to 5.0 before adding the Enhancer for a reason, the reason perhaps being the microbes/spores/whatever in the Enhancer will die if they're put in something that is not very acidic (ph 5.0) first.  Would  make sense to me if that were the case.


"Coco: Adjust the pH of your water before adding BioEnhancer to 5.0""



Happy Growing!



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Hey Shaggy,

To me, it seems it is a recommendation for Coco users only.
From my experience, bringing PH back up is far more hard than lowering it (when it comes to soil Runoff).
So, it's possible that coco medium requires that first spike of acidic PH to better let the plants metabolize the nutrients, but i've never ever used coco, so i don't know.
I knew marijuana preferred the soil to be a little more acidic during the flowering period (and this varies a lot over strains), but not before even beginning a phase.

Either way, only time will tell: if they die, i fucked up. If they don't, then GHS needs to add a saying of: "Soil: don't fuck with PH".


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