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Great job, buddy, good buds! Now.... all that's left to do is smoke...)

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Ok. Time for a verdict.
After 16 days of curing (21 days with drying), White Rhino is ready to be tested.

One bud does not give off an intense scent. Smells like good marijuana, but has nothing particular about it. 
When grinded, though, smell intensifies a lot. The trim smells fresh, light, and has both a hint of hash and berries.
The entire jar is another story. Opening the jar for more than 5 seconds fills the room with an aroma of fresh resin.

After 16 days, it feels like it's not at its best. Another test is required in a month.


Taste, too, isn't exceptional. There's no harshness in smoking it, it feels very light and, again, fresh. 
There's no "grass" feel, it's just very, very light hash tasting. 

I feel that, for it to improve, it may require 1-2 months.

Now we're talking. 
This strain has a very specific high, and one that you might not want to underestimate. 
At first, because of its light taste, i smoked a bit more than i should've. 
The high starts off for the first hour as a very creative one. It then subsides in an extremely narcotic one.
High lasts for 4 hours before either collapse on the couch, looking "somewhere" in the wall; collapse before the 4 hour counter, or somehow come back from trance.
Very, very powerful high.

Now, i can't imagine if 1-2 months of curing will increase its potency.. i'm pretty happy with the results i got.

Some pics.
Chosen bud:


The trimmed bud:


Testing Ensemble:

(with some left-off kept for a future joint)

And special thanks to
Who kindly shipped seeds, nutrients, and supported me throughout this journey.

I feel like this strain requires more testing.
I've used a lower dosage of nutrients, and although i'm very happy with the results i got, i'm also very aware that this strain just explodes in growth.
Because the contest has a limited time, I tried to grow it as large as possible, in the fastest time possible, to fill the entirety of the tent, but i feel like this strain can give much, much more, if left vegetating for much more time.
Of course that would require a bigger tent, as a 60x60 is a really small enviroment.

Either way, it has been a pleasure to grow such a strain. 
Quite easy to grow, no issues with mold and pests, and aside from some PH issues, growth has been pleasuring and chilling enough to let me learn much, much more than i would've thought. 

I'll stop updating until the second test, to see if smell/taste has improved, in a month and a half, so that would be July 10th ish.
Until then.. 


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I think it has really come the time to end this.

First off, i'd like to thank the no longer present user I'm Sal, to which i have to give my most sincere thanks.
Without him warning me over, countless times, of my mistakes, i would've probably never learned anything.
He used to say Less is more, and well, goddammit he was right. Thank you 'pal. I still need to form a code around that saying, though.. ;)
Then i'd like to thank @g22 for heavily supporting me during all of this. One of the friendliest and coolest peeps around here.
And well, every single peep that stopped by even reading this shit-hole of a journal. Goddammit, i've corrected myself so many times throughout the journal, i'm sorry it might have been quite the pain to follow :D

Second of all, i've pulled the rabbit out of the hat. 
She's still holding on her own!


Dry weigh is around 9 kg. Some earth fell off, possibly half a kg. 
What amazes me is that when i pull dry plants out of their pots, most of them either crack, crumble or just break. 

GHS BioFeeding really worked great.
In the next grow, i'll try to use the full recommended dosage, and see if that can be a gamechanger.
Also, i'm going to be using a different light, so that's going to be very interesting to see how it develops.

Cool peeps, i'll see you all by then.
Which i actually do not know when it'll be.. But possibly this autumn. 
Until then.. 


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Thanks  ledberry i  like to talk  with you dude 👍😁have a good summer and a lot of pizza with some rhino on it 

Happy summer 🍁

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Congratulations, LedCherryBerry.  Great Job.

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I think India is birth place of Ganja. Yet v have no choice than to smoke a very low

THC . Hope there might be A day To Bring more than One of the Finest Quality and Rarest strain like the Idukki Gold. :smoke:

Congrass: LedCherryBerry

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