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Hi hunters,


Here are the grow I will make for the memory of Franco.


I see him for the first time in Amsterdam in 2010 for the HTCC. Every time I ask him for infos or tips for growing, harvesting, cup or anything else, she take time to help me, send me files or pic.  


So, when I see that the "Super Lemon Haze" and the "Exodus Cheese" are back in stock I immediately thought of making a grow journals in his memory with these two varieties that he took to the highest level with the whole GH team. 


The first strain i selected for this grow dairies is the famous SUPER LEMON HAZE...






VegRoom : Clone boxe from homebox

Ligth : Fluo compact 2x55w(blue spectrum) & i add 1 fluo compact 2x80w (blue and red mix spectrum) after 2 weeks of grow

Nutrients : Plagron terra grow + Aptus Calmag Boost + GH Ehancer

Substrat : Growmix from Plagron

Container : 1ltr plastic pot transplanting on a 19,3ltr Smart Pot after 3 weeks of grow



FlowerRoom :"homemade box" of 1m x 1.1m & 2,2m high

Ligth : 600w 400v GavitaPro

Nutrients : Powder Feeding longFlowering & Booster with GH Ehancer & Calcium add.








70%  SATIVA  -  30%  INDICA   

THC:  19.33%  CBD:  0.21%   CBN:  1.15%   

Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze.

A very citrus-like haze, works fast and lasts long. 
It is a very powerful high, very balanced between a physical and a cerebral side. 
Medicinally effective in pain therapy and appetite stimulation. 

10 weeks, with a production up to 800 gr/m2. 
Medium-tall plant, long and wide branches, ideal for ScrOG or LST. 

1st HTCC 2008, 1st HTCC 2009, 1st IC420 Growers Cup 2010, 2nd HTCC 2010, 1st Seattle Medical Cup 2012, 2nd ExpoGrow-Irún 2012, 1st ExpoGrow-Irún 2013.



So like Franco say, Peace, love & THC 

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Hi hunters,


Today are the germination day!


So for this special grow I put 5 seeds and after 2-3 weeks of growing I selected the 4 more vigorous plants. After that, I would let it grow again for 4 weeks.

After 7-8 weeks of growth I would spend the 4 plants in flowering and just before the flowering I will take 2 clones of each plant to keep a mother.

Like this, I could choose the best phenotype and keep it in mother plant form.




Glasse jar, air pomp, water, PH-, ph meter, ehancer & last but not least the GH Super Lemon Haze seeds


The level of my tap water : PH7,8 - EC0,25





Step i follow

1) Aerated the water to put maximum of the chlorine out

2) Ajust the ph at 5,0

3) Add the Ehancer at 0,5gr per litre




After that the water is at PH:5,8 - EC:0.3 & Temp:21°C


4) Put the 5 SLH seeds in the water for 24h





See you tomorrow for the next step...


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Hi hunters,


Second day of the germination process.


Today I removed the seeds that remained 24 hours in the glass jar containing water with Ehancer. I put them between two plates until their crackling. I use the water in the jar to moisten the pad before disposing of the seeds. Like this, there is no shock due to the temperature or a change of water. After that just put the plates in the grow box to have the good temperature.






With this process it often takes 24 to 48 hours at 20°C to 22°C to see the first little roots.



So, see you in this time for the next step!


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Hello Hunters,


Today 3 seeds of 5 have cracked. So its best to wait until tomorrow for the first transplantation.




Meanwhile, it is already possible to prepare the pots that will receive the seeds.


Step I follow

1) Wash the pots before each start of cultivation to avoid contamination with pathogens.

2) Fill them with the soil and put them in the growth box so that they reach the same temperature as the seeds that are already there. This will avoid heat stress when the seed is very small and fragile.

3) A label on each pot is recommended.


Here SLH1 / SLH2 / SLH3 / SLH4 / SLH5




So, see you tomorrow for the transplant

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Hello Hunters,


Today 4 seeds of 5 are cracked so I transplant this 5 seeds. We will see what will make the seed still closed...




Step i follow 

1) Make a small hole 0,5 to 1cm deep in the soil

2) Put the seeds in the soil root down


3) Compress gently the soil up the seeds



After this step, it is time for the first watering for this little babies :)


Step i follow 

1) Aerated tap water to put out the chlorine

2) Put the Ehancer in the water 05gr/litre

3) Adjust the ph at 6,0 

4) Water each pots with 100ml of water


Solution is at PH6,0 - EC0,4 - Temp 20°C 



See you for the next step!



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Hi og change the ph after putting enhancer can be that bad or not ?

because in the instruction they say to adjust ph  before puting enhancer to ph 5 like you do for your seedling .

Whats your opinion ?

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You right @g22,


In the instuctions we can see that for coco substrat, ajust the ph before at 5,0. I use this way for my M.O.B clones test and when I use the PF bio line too with very good results


in my opinion, If you just use the ehancer in your watering solution (ex: with the PF bio line) it is ok to ajust the PH before. But if you use the ehancer with other products it is obligatiry to ajust you PH after you make your solution because nutrients, additives or boosters change the ph too.


GH team dont advise to use the Ehancer with the mineral product because it's not really good for microorganisms who find it in the ehancer like the trichoderma.


In my case, I use them mostly with mineral fertilizer, like a additive with ph adjustement after. That with great results & cheapest than the other roots additive in the market. We can see some microorganisms on the top of my soil (like white fiber).  So the microorganisme works ;-)


Thank's for your good question

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Dont you think you are better off giving the seedlings, once they are established a little more space ie ltr size increased from 11ltr tp say 35ltr?

11ltr pots are only small.


I read that you got a nice light to shine down on them girls.  a little increase in the size pot and boom.

happy growing dude



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Hi @OG.Naj,


You're photo's are looking good.


You're method from step three ("Compress gently the soil up the seeds") is a little different to mine.  I don't compress, and also I put water the media before putting the germinated seeds in.  This is due to past issues where the soil got too compacted and the roots drowned.


I've found that compacting and then watering, over-compacts the media for just-germinated seeds.  Just my experience though, and that was before I'd been recommended Perlite.


Happy Growing!



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Thanks for your comment @9DRAGONS


Do you think this will be a limiting parameter for the final results?


I think for this grow I stay in 11ltr pots for the 4 SLH plants in my 1,1 square foot area. Maybe next time I test bigger pots :good:




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I think your technique is good too

When I talk about compression, it's really very light. I just push a finger up and I press very lightly ...
Watering already makes it possible to bring the soil into contact all around the seed. Infact, I compact the soil a little above the seed to be sure that the seed does not rise, or does not go down when watering. personally I never had a problem with this way.


A good thing with a little compression and watering after is that can take away the problem of the hull of the seed that stuck on the cotyledons at the very beginning of the exit of the seedling...

Thank you for your comment @ShaggyGrower

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happy growing man, for me all day i would increase pot size once them seedling have taken in the .5 ltr pots.

A nice mix of home made soil, with load of humus,  beneficial fungi and myco. 

hay am sure it will be great, look forward to seeing them buds.


happy growing


what your average yield from this area you grow in. ?

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In fact, I was wrong with the size of my smartpots...:mda:


I have the 5 Gallons or 19,3ltr SmartPot.


The size of this pots are :

diam   30,5cm

height 24,1cm


sorry it's my fault ...

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Hello Hunters,


Today are Day 0 for 4 beautifull girls!


The SLH #1 did not find the strength to sprout. Nature did its job of selecting and keep only the 4 strongest. All the better, it will make me less work :good:




Nothing to say more except that I like to leave small seedlings without touching too much at first. Just let them grow until next watering...


So here are the pics of each plant with their number


SLH #2



SLH #3



SLH #4



SLH #5



See you all for the next step!

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Hello Hunters,


Hope all of you are well!



Today are Day 7 for the  4 Super Lemon Haze!



Last week I told you that the number #1 did not find the strength to sprout but this week Iam going to talk you more about the #4 & the #5 because the #2 & the #3 grow well.






So I watering a secong time the 4 plants with water adjusted at PH 6,0 & EC 0,25  Daytemp 24 / Nighttemp 20 & humidity at 65% day & 75% at night.


What can we notice on these two seeds?

1) These two seeds germinate last (24h later)


2) Since its germinate, the SLH#4 has a green stem, it is quite unusual on this stage for a seedling


3) Their growth is slower than for the SLH#2 and SLH#3


4) The leaves show us an unusual development






I will wait a few more days but I think it is a genetic problem and I am helpless about that... I say that because the 5 seeds have received the same thing at the same time.

If this confirms, I think that with a result of 2 good seeds out of 5 in total, we can talk about seed quality problem...


See you all in a few days for some news about these two bad girls


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