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Im baaaaack :P
I posted here years back, but lost interest in the forum, but now iam back to chek out this amazing new line of bio ferts from GreenHouseSeedsCompany.
Iam doing the entire grow indoors, as the seasons where i live do not allow outdoor growing.
Lets get straight to it :) 

15/01 - 16/01  The seeds were put in water, and afterwards put in moistened paper towel in a plastic bag.


18/01 8 of 10 seeds were planted in small pots(0,4L) with peat and perlite. Vegging under "50W" LED and watered with BioBizz RootJuice.


21/01 The 9. seed sprouted and was planted together with her other sisters.


28/01 The 10. seed popped (quite unexpectedly), and was moved from its prison in the papertowel and bag to ontop of my livingroom aquarium (a test of mine, hehe). I plan on flowering her in some kind of DWC bucket or something.


That is all for now. 
The plan is to keep them in the small pots for another week(ish) and then transplant them (not sure if i should transplant to their final flowering pots (9,8L) or i should plan on doing two transplants - what do you guy think?). After transplant they will Veg until ~20th. February we're my flower tent will be emptied, harvested and theese WR babies can move into 12/12 in 9,8L fabric pots probably with peat and perlite.
I hope to keep you guys updated weekly until then, and then we will have some real fun together when the flowering starts ;)









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Thanks for the interest :)
I grow in a peat and perlite mix with abit of homemade worm castings.
Iam using BioBizz, but only the Root Juice for the first 1-2weeks and I plan on only using GHSC bio-powder for the rest the grow.

This week i got to transplant them into their final pots (9,8L) with the BioGrow powder 1.5gr/1L mixed in the substrate.

Not much happening and sadly i have a space/light problem. So right now iam vegging the 9WR in a 75x75cm area under circa 45W LED, which is too little :S it will be like this for the next week, which sadly will hamper growth :S
But then new light is coming ;) with the exciting Cree CXA3070 COBs which will go to my flower room and free up my dimmable 250w HPS for vegging.
So we got 3-4weeks veg ahead of us. I plan on only giving the initial 1.5gr/1L BioGrow feeding and then BioEnhancer every second week and then when they get flipped to flower i wil give top dressing with BioBloom 3gr/1L (~30gr pr. plant/pot).
Lets hope we start see some branching within the next week.






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Great :)
Even if they are a week in low light, surely they recover without problems. The COB Led are very good, personally I also use them.
Let's see how they grow!

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Hello again guys! :D 
Now start the fun part, flower ;) 
I had the plants vegging with the HPS for a weeks time and then moved them to the flower tent.
The tent is now completly LED with 121W Mars Hydro and 114W COB hanging 30cm from the plants. They are funny to compare, the "old" 5W chips has a better light spread, but the 200W COBs produce much more intense light for less wattage. The debate is in the spectrum i guess. I believe that the white spectrum from the Cree CXA 3070 COBs should be better, but I will soon find out :D also the white light is much nicer to look at then the blurple chips. 
(with a hydroponics light android app luxmeter i measured a hotspot of 25K lux under the Mars Hydro and 59K lux under the COB at 20cm distance).
I vegged them for 2days under the LED lighting and then switched to 12/12 today (18/02) and added 0,5L of substrate with 30gr GHSC BioBloom as topdressing.
Not much growth, they did gain an extra note in the two days, and i plan on taking two clones from each after they stretch a few centimeters.
The last picture (with he thermometer) shows the latest picture form today. Notice the drooping leaves as the grow tent goes down to a freezing 15C at lights out... lets hope for warmer weather as i cannot afford to invest in any permanent solution as we are moving in a couple of months (after this grow cycle).


Happy growing, and untill now the GHSC bio feed has been working nicely. 





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I bwlieve the leaves curl abit because of the cold temp. Before they were in 29C and 22C day and night temperature. Now they are in 23-25C day and 15-17C night temp. Which is too cold for my liking. Theyre are looking abit better after one day in 12/12.

I removed the Mars Hydro LED, maybe i put it back later. And i moved the COB to 40cm distance from plants to have better spread.


Again thanks for the interest :D




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 yesterday (Day 3-4 of flowering) i added Hypoaspis miles (predatory mites) and also took two clones from each individual plant. This has now left me with 6main shoots on each plant. It is quite funny, but iam getting three notes on some branches instead of the normal two.IMG_20180221_214042.thumb.jpg.2271980b553727bc4d8c16f12e118722.jpg

Next watering I will add the BioEnhancer.



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Healty plants here :good:


As I'm Sal say I think to that the trinodes come from the genitics. We can see that on other grow with this strain.


Good luck for the contest!

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Good job, the plants look healthy and are growing well :)

On the COBs, the white light actually contains all the colors, so the white light should be enough. I use white light in my leds and they work well, for the moment hehe


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Iam really enjoying this White Light over the blurple led or yellow hps.

Iam over one week into flowering, but iam only just now starting to see pistils forming. Is White Rhino a slow starter in flower?



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Hi @sliver1,


WR is a mostly indica dom plant so I dont think it take to much time to beginning flowering but that's also depend of how much time in growing process before flowering.


A week is the normal time to see the first pistils, after two weeks in flo you can see more pistil and at the 3 weeks te real flowering will begin. That take more time with sativa dom strain but this is not the case here.


Anyway, your plants looks good so Good flo dude :good:

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This pic is before feeding bioenhancer 1gr/L and PK13-14 1ml/L.

I bought and added another COB light and now the light coverage is nice at 50cm distance.

I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and see their growth :D



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Nice picture of your canopy 

For the defoliation i think you can a littel more defoliate for air circulation but i dont know if its realy more effectif i do it i try to defoliate +-- 1/3  at the base of the plant


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Perfect, the crop is going at a good rate and if, it is normal that White Rhino starts flowering soon, it is a very fast genetics :)

Well, defoliation is very personal....and in excess, it's harmful. I usually eliminate the leaves and branches closest to the substrate, the ones that receive less light, during the first weeks of flowering, but it is only my personal technique :)



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Thanks for  replies:) 

I removed a few more fan leaves from the bottom, but iam actually thinking about removing leaves from the top. Because i got this insane stretch they shade alot of the plant.

Fed them bioenhancer again this week.



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