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White Rhino and BIO Feeds questions

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Hi all,

Figured I could do with a questions (and hopefully answer) thread, and that it may be of use to others hunters with the same questions.

Q1. What is in BioGrow? Or perhaps a better questions is, what is not in BioGrow?

From what I've found the internet, there is no list of ingredients for BioGrow as there is for say, Hybrid, or the (Mineral) Grow [1].  I can see that Boron is in the latter, but not sure if our BioGrow has it?

I have also read that Magnesium is in all the Feeding powders (can you confirm it is defo in BioGrow?), but not Calcium.

Perhaps @Jose.gh can be answer-Master? :)


Happy Growing!

[1] - in the "Feeding Schedule / Concentration of Elements" https://shop.greenhousefeeding.com/grow-bag.html

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Thanks @jan.gh,

Stupid me.  I was looking at the back of the packaging, not the front! DOH!

So from that I can see it does indeed have Cal & Mag, not sure about Boron though?


As an aside, the Mineral Grow has the information on your site, but the BioGrow does not. 



Perhaps something for your web designers?

(I have been, amongst other things, a system tester, so as this is a test grow, I'm not sure how thorough we are testing we are Testing though. )

Happy Growing!

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