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SPANNABIS 2018 LIVE!! 9,10 and 11 March

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Hello friends

Another year we reach to the Spannabis on Barcelona, and of course, we will be there to greet you.


This year are celebrated on 9,10 and 11 March. All team of Green House Seeds, Strain Hunters, Green House Medical and Green House Feeding is available to welcome the exchange of the smoke and shows the novelties:  NEW GENETICS  !!


A new genetics, in honor of Franco Loja: Franco´s Lemon Cheese


You can find us in booth number 57


More info:  http://spannabis.com/barcelona/


Stands:  http://spannabis.com/barcelona/expositor/distribucion-de-stands-2





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Hello Hunters,


I just come back at home after 4  crazy days of Spanabis. The expo was awesome and the straihunters club is just the place to be for smoker in barcelona. I can speak & smoke with many great people, Arjan,  @Dust (thanks for all man), Jose from GH & Strainhunters but also with the famous grower of th seeds, Remo of the Remo Nutrients, his GG#4 is just incredible potent and tasty weed, Gavita guys, Big Buddha, the Ripper seed crew and many other.


Happy to see you @Jose.gh and sorry for the beer on the bar :pleasantry:


So here are 3 pics...



Remo & me with a good 2gramm+ joint of his GG#4 really good and potent weed!





The first pics is all the gift we have at the expo, and the magazine on Franco come from the SH club. As you can see we have a lot of nutrients to try, stikers and seeds!




We smoke just to many gram of weed from the strainhunter club and i can says the Ginger ale, tangie is tasty for sativa and Gorilla Glue 4, cheesdawg for indica are great to and well flushed weed with great white ash! In the hash category the Barbarra is just FIRE!!! So great job guys and thanks a lot for the great welcome!




See you next year guy's! :good:

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Big OG.Naj, Nice to meet you and talk to you, I hope next year we can drink that beer :)


We made many photos in Spannabis, some very good haha, you can see them all from here:






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