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it is my dream to work as a strainhunter, i love all the varities around the world and exectly to grow them.

But my biggest problem is i am from germany (bavaria) and i don `t know, how i could realize my dream.

please help me


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Donde, strainhunting is a way of life. Traveling, enjoying the plant in its own environment, discovering the complex relationships between man and cannabis... it's a state of mind first, and a lot of traveling and taking chances.

I am sure you know what I mean...

happy hunting bro...

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thanks for your answers.. i want to know how i'll earn my money if i finished my strainhunters-education. and this is my next question: is there a special education i need to learn from somebody official or do i need a good connection and some basic knowledge? at the moment i earn my cash as a confectioner's assistant but that doens't fit my life so i want to realize this dream.

thx, donde

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donde, just a guess on this.

Your best bet might be, learn as much as you can about the plant, not just as a hobby. Find a landrace or local flavor strain that you love unique/rare or not. search search and search for it, and then master growing it over several years.

Best advice I have heard, you can take 20 clones from the same plant, give it to 20 different growers and you are going to end up with 20 different qualities of smoke.

I would imagine in most areas you of course risk arrest, but just remember it is without a doubt a victimless crime, no one is getting hurt, you are bringing a gift to the world.

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thanks for posting, but i don't want to do this only as a hobby but as a job to earn some money or solve my life without living on street. i don't want to earn much money but enough to live, if you understand what i mean.. i would like to work for a good breeder, but i don't have the connections yet. i would spend my whole life to become a good strainhunter and i need a good trainer, who teachs me the complete strainhunting knowledge.

thank you guys for reading and answering my text :)

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Guest superbluehaze

I writer must write to be a writer;

to be a strainhunter you must grow and grow as many different strains as you can, inorder to get as much knowledge and experience of the plant as possible.

Without a deep understanding of the plant, and its possibilities, then it is not possible to recognize a unique plant when you see one.

Once you have the experience and knowledge, then travel to one of the great growing ereas of the world - Africa, India, nepal, South America mexico etc, and find that very very special plant that is truly yours, and yours alone.

good luck my friend, and keep at it;

follow your dream to the ends of the earth if you have to, and you will find what you seek.

good luck,


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Guest superbluehaze

I agree with the others, my friend.

Love the plant, grow, grow grow grow and learn.

But above all have a passion for her and she will accept u. Let your love and passion guide you

Things will fall into place, I promise u.

Even though I have university qualifications, am a writer, and teacher, I consider my profession to be a lover and grower of this wonderful and sacred plant. She has been an ally and friend to humanity for over 10,000 years. love her and you become part of an extended chain that goes back to these early times. Good luck and never give up your dreams:

good luck my friend"lose your dreams, lose your mind"john

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