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Hashish in Morocco - 2010

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@ mardive: in my opinion, Indian hash is better for the effect (higher, more intense, less body-like) but I prefer Moroccan for the sweet aroma and flavour.

Hard to say what is best, it depends on the moment of the day...

@ indicando: the Grow DVD 2010-2011 is in editing right now, need still 1-2 months for subtitling, then 1 month or so for printing the discs and getting them here in NL takes another month or 6 weeks.... so if everything goes good, it will be online in 2-3 months, and on DVD in 5-6 months from now....;-) it's a lot of work, and a lot of money to be spent... but the HD quality will blow you away. And also the all-new terpenes and cannabinoids tests.... loads of new information.

STRAIN HUNTERS 3: MOROCCO will be out sometimes in 2011, still not sure when...probably in the spring/summer....;-)

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Nice stash Franco, looks like some high grade hashish is some 00 sift?

Looking frowards to Strain Hunters 3.

Here in UK i have been smoking leb and afghan hashish recently.

We in the uk we used to get a lot of fairly low grade moroccan hash, which was reffered to as "slate".

Since the Indoor cannabis boom started producing high grade weed, the slate started to become less common and the higher grade pollum was more usual.

We also used to get filthy dirty soap bar, with all it's impurities and spurious additives aka repress.

My advice to any one is don't touch soap bar with a barge pole.

I'm sure it is still about but i don't see it and if someone offered it to me, i'd tell em where to stick it!

I must say i really like indian hash, hand rubbed charas reportedly from the manali valley.

Dark sticky, deliscious smell yum, i have seen it in fingers , coins and bars.

There was a period in the 90's where there was a lot around, such happy days.

If i saw some tomorrow i would buy as much as i could , you never know when you will see it again.

At the time there were rumours that there was a guy up in the mountains using very large bubble bags , filling them with indian grass and using the ice cold moutain water to make high grade hash, though this could be a myth.

Either way be it good bud or excellent hash i love them both.

Franco will we get a full hash report?

I'd love to know your opinion of them!

Peace to the highest


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I still prefer old-school hashish than the new extraction methods. Maybe it's just because I am getting old... LOL

But I believe that hash made the old-school way, in the traditional producing countries, has something that cannot be matched when extraction comes into the equation. It's a richness in flavor and a less "artificial" high...

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Some of those hash reminds you of the nepalese or pakistani hash, is it due to the crossing you've talked about in the dvd?

I agree i dont know for what reason but those really expensive "new generation" isolate hash are more like "skuff" to me, nothings beat a high grade nepali hash with their intense aroma and flavors and that pure high if you ask me!

Thanks for the al the expedition it's a real pleasure to have legit cannabis documentary! (I have to say how amazed i was by your connection,more than in india or malawi it must have been tricky as hell to be able to film what you guys filmed! Hash and it's making in morroco is a well protected secret ;-))

Peace out!

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