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Hey guys I was on the Green House Seeds web site/store checking out different strains and decided to watch a test grow video when the page loaded usually you see an image taken from a frame of the video footage displayed within the video You Tube player but it was grey and fuzzy like a TV that is not tuned into a channel.

When I clicked the video player to play the test grow video a message was displayed that the video had been deleted because it contained illegal content, today if you try to view a test grow video and click on the video the following message is displayed

Video Unavailable

This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been closed.

You Tube are so full of shyte man, these videos have been on their platform for a number of years and now they decide the content is a problem delete them and then close the account.

Those videos were a great reference point being able to see how the guys at the seed bank grow the strains was really useful, never mind the fact Franco was in all the videos, so sad.


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Dunno what is going on with youtube, they also closed Urban Remo's channel, and who know how many else. 

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It looks like Google have updated their terms for YouTube, although Leafly mention that they are working with YouTube to re-instate their account and videos asap, I would be surprised if they are successful getting their account back up and running.

I went to YouTube and looked at their terms and the community guidlines, but there was nothing in there about posting videos about growing Cannabis, plenty of stuff about porn and promoting violence, fake goods, scams all the usual stuff, but nothing really about posting videos about Cannabis and growing Cannabis.

At first when I tried to play a test grow video there was a warning message that the video had been deleted because it broke guidelines, yet as I discovered there is nothing in their terms to say posting videos about growing Cannabis etc is not allowed.

Anyhoo I have just been rooting around the YouTube support section of their site and low and behold under Ad Policy in the Restricted Products section we have Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia the wording is as follows


Advertising is not permitted for the promotion of drugs and drug paraphernalia. This includes drug accessories, illegal drugs and herbal drugs such as salvia and magic mushrooms.

Here is a link to the page

This wording means there is just no wiggle room, despite the fact the wording appears generalised using the words drugs and drug paraphernalia this covers any substance, I must admit the succinct wording is elegant, probably written by a highly paid lawyer.

It is shyte that Google have not got in touch with account holders to say they have updated their terms and let them know that their videos are in breach of the new terms and allow them the opportunity to create a new video, instead of deleting the videos and then the accounts.

This to me clearly demonstrates that Google are having a purge and cleaning out any accounts that host restricted content, due to all the grief they have been getting recently about terrorist videos on YouTube not being removed quickly enough, so I cannot see them re-instating accounts and videos they have deleted,

I hope I am wrong...


Likkle more

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