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hi everyone. hola .

anyone know anything about growing in the area around a septic tank?? 



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Hi Aragon and welcome to forum :)


Personally I have no experience, but perhaps other people in the forum can help us with your question.


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Hey aragon grower, this depends on the septic tank and how it discharges.

Where we used to live the house had a septic tank the foul waste (sewage) from the toilets went into the septic tank which contains bacteria that break down the sewage, which then overflows out into a large brick box filled with stones which it filters through and then passes out into a drain which discharged into a stream about 100 metres away from the septic tank itself.

In this case the run off that was dischaged into a stream and got carried away.

In many cases the septic tank may over flow into a large land drain that acts as a soak away, basically this is a long trench with the drain in the bottom and it has been back filled with stone instead of dirt, so it acts as a filter and the waste water slowly soaks away into the surrounding land.

So due to the fact that the waste liquid is discharged away from septic tank you should be safe to plant in the ground directly above the septic tank, I would not recommend planting in the ground where the sepic tank eventually discharges if it does at the surface like ours did and then ran into a stream, because it is still very hot the sewage won't be properly broken down, plus it may also contain water from sinks and the washing machine and dish washer, hence the term foul waste.

Hope this helps


Likkle more

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I'd definitely recommend growing directly above the tank or closer to the house away from the leech bed, you don't want any contaminants ruining your crop 

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