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Hey guys in April I got a Blue Cheese auto bean from Barneys and put the beam in a glass of water on the evening of the 25th of April the next day 26th April the bean was at the bottom of the glass so I placed it on some damp kitchen roll on a dish and placed in a drawer, over night the bean popped and the tap root started to grow.

On the 27th April I planted the freshly popped bean into a beeny 3 inch pot in some dirt with no nutrients in it for seedlings and then I watered it with 10 mil of water and placed in the grow tent along side the Jack Herer auto I have finishing.

When I checked in the tent in the morning of the 28th of April the Blue Cheese had broke ground and I was pleasantly surprised to see 3 that she had 3 cotyledons.


On the first node of true leaves she threw 3 leaves then on the second node she has thrown 6 leaves and it looks like she has topped herself.


You can clearly see her main stem has split into twoand each is now building new nodes. so I won't need to FIM her I can just observe and enjoy the show.

I have also popped the 2 Passion #1 beans I had left over from last year ready for my out door run this season, happy growing guys.


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Hey Marijuanaman good question, but I don't know anything about breeding or crossing to provide an answer.

It turned out to be an odd little thing with three main colas, the image below is of the plant a couple of days before I harvested her.


There were 4 lower stalks on each side of the plant covered in little buds, once dried there was about an ounce and a half of bud.



Which was handy I only have a few spliffs of the last Jack Herer auto left, this will ease the way until the the Passion #1 I have out doors are ready, so far they have been in flower for 4 weeks, I started to manipulate their photoperiod on the 1st of July, so they are now 21 days in front of last year.


On the Dutch Passion seed bank web site it says they take 6 weeks flowering, so they should be ready in the next couple of weeks depending on conditions, here in the UK we are having a heat wave, although that said it has been crap and pissed down all weekend and today, but it will be sunny again tomorrow and following days again.

So far since they went outside in the middle of May they have spent less than a week in the shed under flourescant light because of rain.

At the moment in my tent I have 2 Exodus Cheese autos and the last Jack Herer I did buy a 3 pack of the Exodus Cheese so I could have 4 plants running on 12/12, but one Exodus Cheese bean miss fired and died.

I got in touch with Green House support staff but the replacement bean got lost in the post, so the support guys sent me a 3 pack, then a few days later the single original replacement turned up, then a couple of days after the 3 pack was delivered, so now I have 4 Exodus Cheese beans ready to pop for my next run in a few weeks.

The two Exodus Cheese have been in flower about 2 weeks but the Jack Herer is just starting to flower, I FIMed them all at the same time and the Exodus Cheese both took off and soon started to flower, they are obviously a bit sensitive, the Jack Herer was fine I managed to FIM her again.

As a Jack Herer auto was a month from finishing at the end of January I popped another bean to get the next one going and ran it through on a 12/12 photoperiod to see what the difference would be and I got about the same amount of bud as I had from the one before which I vegged for 2 months.

I realised I am better off running autos in my tent on 12/12 from start to finish and I can run 4 or 6 plants at the same instead of filling the tent with a single plant as I have been doing in the past, its definitely a quicker route to harvest thats for sure.

Happy growing guys.

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