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William Trust

Hydroponics build expertise wanted.

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Hi all,


I have got myself a arduino (microcomputer) and some humidity / temperature sensor a water pump, moist sensors (HIGH/LOW) and a Arduino microcontroller to connect my sensor to. I have programmed a application to controle the room.


Now I'm staring construction of the water transportation system and have read a lot about hydroponics. Does anyone have some example of multiple plant grow in 1 big container.


What I want to do is basicly make 3 big watercontainers 3000 mm x 1200 mm and make the sides 400 mm high and let water run from top to bottom by putting the watercontainer in a 3° angle and contantly let a small film of air infused water run down and flows down in a tank to be inserted to the top again.


The grow will be in Rockwood cubes.


Would love to share some knowledge. 


Sorry about my bad english. 


Kind regard,



Dry-Hydroponics met railsysteem Klimrek (Small).jpg

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