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Easy hash

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i had never seen anything about making hash except hand rubbed from harvesting,

 a few time ive been given bags of dry trim with small buds in it, after picking out all the stems, seeds leaves with no sugar coating, and smoking most of the buds,  i make sure it is nicely dry.


 Get a sieve  or a couple with different size mesh,


a glass or pyrex dish, a plate, oven tray , the bigger the better, or line something with aluminum foil, makes it easier to see what you are working with, 


start grinding the cannabis material though the sieve onto the tray,  


the hash will stick to the tray and most of the left of fine plant material will just shake off leaving hash on the tray, i blow on it and pick out any green specks,  it works so  easily as long as the leaf etc is properly dry, but not quick dried because it will lose the stickiness and wont stick to tray as well and wont press into a ball, it will stay powdery.  


i will go and make some and add the photos soon. 


after watching some strain hunters docos i seen that they make hash in Morocco very similar to this method. 


i thought up this idea myself because i seen so much useable stuff going to waste i would get it for free, also making isopropyl extract, but sometimes iso isnt available but a sieve and tin foil always are!


i got half a big rubbish bag of shake one year from a friend, it lasted me the whole year with oil and this hash making process. 


After sieving and mingng the hash, the left over grinded cannabis can still be used to make oil, it will not yield as much with most of the hash removed but if you have alot just rinse each lot you do, i usually do first rinse with the same iso to increase the potency , then rinse with fresh iso to get left overs,

finely ground cannabis absorbs alot of liquid so you leave many cannabinoids in the plant material if you do  not rinse 2x or more sometimes. gold is good, green if you soak it too long, 


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i thought of this before i had watched that strainhunters Morocco. 

i had no internet 12 years ago.

i knew somebody else would have thought of it long before me.

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didnt make much but still a few good spots. 

i just make a bit as i feel like it, could make alot but no need.  enjoy







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Anche se devo capire come lo lavorano per fare quelle varietà tipo pakistano... Forse estrazione alcolica?? Mah

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