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i am fail to grow this cursed seeds / need help!

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last month i've buy some cheap bulk seeds, the seeds comes from a fail crossbreeding and not expected result from a strain but still a good strain as a breeder says. and it contains an old seeds and a new seeds (mixed). i've got maybe some 100 seeds only for 3 euro.


now, the problem is the seeds wont/fail to grow.

yes the seeds germinate (i can see the seeds crack and i clearly see the small root there) but then it stop to grow and become spoiled (spoiled start at day 3).

planted indoor or outdoor i got the same result.

changing the media from coco to soil still the same result.

even when i am combine plant it outdoor and soil, it become worst, the seeds eat by ant at day 5 or 6. (cursed ant!)


an old friend told me to add sitokinin and giberelin

it better, fast to grow. but still spoiled at last.


somebody help me

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If they're old seeds, you'll have to do some manual labor.

Put the seeds to germinate, when they open and the radicle comes out, then you must act.

Very carefully (do not damage the small plant), remove the husk and then sow it in the ground at a shallow depth (0.5 cm / 1 cm).

Make sure that the soil is always moist, it is important so that the small plant does not die.

Hopefully, 50% of the plants will grow.

The seeds that are very old hardly have the strength to germinate, to detach from the shell, etc..... that is why, sometimes and this type of exceptional cases, it is good to help.



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