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THC Ripeness

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I'm interested in any feedback or thoughts on THC ripeness.


So If im not mistaken THC has 3 levels of maturation.






Now I know letting the crystals go amber leads to a couch lock effect but is it a true effect or are u smoking THC that is loosing it's true potency?


Surely the crystals go through a stage of ripening post harvest also? Does anyone know to what degree?


IMO ( and I would really appreciate feedback from the pros🙏!!) Surely once all crystals have turned milky then that is peak time. Now obviously the crystals don't nature perfectly at once. So then naturally ,through the ripening phase, some crystals would mature more than others leaving the odd peppered amber crystal or even clear. Say 5-10% max (which could even be to much????)


I hear some people let theirs go 50%amber and that to me just sounds crazy?


Surely if you want to couch lock get a bad ass indica for that purpose?!


Thanks all

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