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Labia Joose

White Strawberry Skunk

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White Strawberry Skunk grow.


The grow: I grew WSS in Mediterranean type climate, outdoors and  in Southern Hemisphere. Seed was started in August and the single seed germinated. (I was growing a bunch of varieties with view to some breeding with my local early harvest Sumatran). The plant proved to be a good grower, with the indica part of the genes showing up in the plant pheno. Dark green fattish leaves with fairy compact buds. Plant grew at harvest to about 1.8m. It had lovely buds, quite good resin production with the most delicious fragrance as it ripened. Like fruity vanilla rice custard. In the final weeks, with cooler nights kicking in, the plant started to get some purple head leaf happening. Very pretty.


Learning curve: The only downside was the seemingly brittle nature of the stalks. I had a couple of branches break during training and neither of them recovered, even though there was still good intact bark. I taped them but both branches died. So watch these plants at training time. After pinching out I'll be leaving them pretty much alone next time. Upside; they do seem to take to cloning very well. I cloned a few varieties as an experiment and this was the only one which took. I left the clone in a small pot to flower into late autumn. It transformed into an intense claret, blackish purple.


Harvest: I harvested around 5 ounces last week of March. Not bad... but I reckon I lost a couple of oz's due to broken branches. My grow had to be concealed, so that meant dealing with a small amount of shade at certain times of the day. The plant also had limited daily available direct sunlight due to guerrilla grow limitations. Season was otherwise pretty amenable. These limitations would have affected final yield no doubt. In good conditions and good light, a decently grown plant ought to yield 8oz plus easily.


The product: I dried for two weeks and tried it two-three weeks into the cure. I am a moderate user and only vape now, so your mileage may vary. I should say that generally I tend towards the sativa varieties. But here's my two cents on this one.


Effects: The rich smell on the live plant is noticeable in the dried product, but not quite as strong. But still lovely and fruity. I find most weed does not translate that intensely into smoke or vape, but it was slightly sweet and easy on the throat. No discernible strawberry, but nice enough. Moderate onset and pleasing elevated high which wasn't too racy. I found it morphed into a nice euphoric elated effect while I was listening to some fave music. Evolved into a nice relaxing body with no couch lock afterwards. A modest amount of munch, but not outrageous. Would I endorse this variety? Sure... for the fragrance and beauty of the plant alone. But luckily for you (and me!) it does the business as well. Recommended.  




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Wonderfull grow dude! Wele done!

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