Medical cannabis before the 1930s

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I watched your documentaries multiple times and they have been very inspiring. I have

one particular question regarding Arjan's statement from the Jamaica Expedition. In there,

he says that before the 1930s , 80% of the world's medicine was a direct derivative of a 

cannabis plant or extract. Is there any evidence to support that? He must have read it somewhere,

i doubt he just said that out of the blue. However, I searched all over the 

internet for some records suggesting something similar but I couldn't find anything. 

I could be looking in the wrong place so If you have any information on this let me know.



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It would be great to ask the question directly to Arjan, he is now traveling. But I'll send a email with your consult.


Also,You can  go to any of the cannabis exhibitions (spannabis, expogrow, etc....) and meet the whole team there, we are always happy to receive visits :) 




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Hi Supremus, I have seen mention of similar over on the 420mag web site, probably in the thread about how prohibition on Cannabis came about.

The thing you have to bear in mind here is that these medicinal products existed over 90 years ago and as such information about them in a tangible form such as documentation, samples of the produc or packaging are long gone, there are still old time people about who will remember these things, but their numbers are dwindling fast.

A friends dad once told me about being able to buy Opium from a chemists shop without having a perscription when he was a kid in the late 1920's and in the 30's back then there were all sorts of tinctures and tonics made from Cannabis, Opium, Herion and Cocaine that you could just buy over the counter.

Back then prohibition did not exist, humans have used Cannabis and Opium/Heroin and Cocaine since Adam was a lad, so it was inevitable that there would be all sorts medicinal type products that you could just buy over the counter without any type of restriction on their sales.

Those were different times.

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