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I want to grow indoor weed in beirut lebanon but we dont have the usual fertilizers eg:" Advanced Nutrients , Canna etc . What can I use to not burn them we have the normal stuff for growing but not for Weed thnx for your help anyone 

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You can use fish fertilizer for vegative cycle. I'm not sure for bloom cycle, you don't have a commercial tomato fertilizer in Lebanon? Something high in phosphates and low in nitrogen. Definitely fish fertilizer for veg though, they have that everywhere don't they?

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If you search on the net You can find recept for making yourself fish fertilizer 

Maybe compost thea if you have compost 

Bone meal for P ......... here a few thing




















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Sometimes the simplest is the best :)

Do you have fertilizers for tomato plants for example? You can use the same one, in slightly smaller quantities.

If you opt for natural, humus is good for growth, guano for flowering. A little fermented manure is also good for flowering plants.

You don't really need specific nutrients, just nutrients :)



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I know this post is a few months old but in case you're still having problems this year. I suggest you to seek out one of a couple of super soil recipes online, there are instructions to be found there on how to build it properly to end up with a mix with proper values of npk and mg cal. It works great and there are a lot of organic options to ammend it with during your grow. I hope you get to read this thread of replies from us and reply on how you're doing. Peace.

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