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maximus exudus

maximus exudus - moby dick and lady burn 1974 - 19-12-2010

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so the seeds have arrived :p big thanks to Franco and Greenhouse ;). I will be starting my test on the 20th of December. i will be testing three moby dick and three ladyburn 1974. i will start my test by using a small container with cottonwall in the bottom soaked in water at ph 5.5. once the seeds have poped and they have white tails they will be transferd into a propagation tank in root riot cubes. under a t5 fluro lighting unit pics to follow my friends.


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nice the first ladyburn! i guess!?

Hope you'll Have a good grow man, what do you know about the ladyburn? indica, sativa?

Cheers see you soon ;)

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ok so here they are first day in2 germination. once they have poped i will place them in root riot cubes and in to the propagation tank , under the fluro t5 unit until the 28th January. they will then be moved under a 600w mh in a 1.2 x 1.2 tent with a 5 inch rvk as an intake and a 6 inch rvk outtake. i will be growing these babies using NFT hydro using advanced nutrients, Sensi grow a + b , Sensizym for veg. for flower i will use Sensi bloom a + b , Sensizym , Bud candy , Bigbud , overdrive and final phase flush. if you have any questions please ask ;) thanks

this pic is where they will be kept for the first month until my other girls are done in the tent.


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ok im here for a little update. ive had good germination with the moby dick but am struggling to get 1 more lady burn poped so i have 3 of each on the grow ive placed another 3 in just in case confused_smile.gif if they do happen to all pop ive got a friend who would quite happily take 3 off me to test. so heres the pics guys. if u look at the yellowing of the leaves on the six rhino cuttings ?? why is this happening humidity , air ??? any ansers would be mutch appreciated shades_smile.gif peace




any questions please ask shades_smile.gif

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i figured it may be a humid problem as the bottom leaves seemed to be drying up a bit and turning yellow ?

bak to lady burn and moby. all 6 seeds are now poped open and are in the propagator under a fluro t5 unit.

1 of the lady burn has 2 white tails coming out of 1 seed :O has anybody seen this before an if so is it ok ??

will put pics up this afternoon wonce the lights cum on guys.

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thanks angus makes sense i have been a bit heavy handed with the water. will cut dwn an see how they are cheers for the advice ;)

so heres a picture guys not very exiting at this stage lol. they are currently 4 days old from when they poped apart from 1 lady burn. im now just going to take my time with these girls as the tents full at the moment :p will be free at the end of January soon as it is quick clean then they will be placed in the trays under a 600w mh that should put sum legs on them ;)


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ok so here they are day 10 moby and lady burn. got 3 of each cant wait to get these bitches in the tent an tangled in that screen


heres a picture of where they will be moved in a month or so once these exodus cheese girls are done of course if you have any questions please feel free to ask. thanks.


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ok here they are guy day 15 il just post the pics any questions please ask



here they are on this last picture the 3 moby dick are on the right and lady burn on the left. i think the the moby dick are doing alot better than the lady burn seem to be growin alot more uniform. please ask questions guys thanks wink_smile.gif

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ok here they are guys all looking good. they lady burn stretching alot though. cant wait to get them under a 600 w mh that should stop that en put some legs on em. unfortuntly i gota wait til adleast the 1st of feb before i can get em in the tent as the cheese is stil goin here they are hope u all like.


heres a pic of that cheese fucking stuf stinks so mutch lol cant wait to chop em en get moby and lady in there.Picture%20109.jpg

and 1 more



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Man your cheese os looking so good!! not much like other cheese i've seen tho, but very beautiful!!

Hope your lady will go as well ;)

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thanks Dust the cheese is good shes bin flowerin now for just under 9 weeks gona let her have another 12/14 days for flush. there is actually 3 blue in there and 3 exodus i can only tell differnce by the smell they look very alike. i hope so to man thanks again.

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