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maximus exudus

maximus exudus - moby dick and lady burn 1974 - 19-12-2010

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thanks man and the nutes are advanced nutrients sensi grow a+b, sensi bloom a+b, sensizym, big bud, bud candy, overdrive then final phase flush seems to work well with the cheeses see how the lady and moby do. as i said before i cant get them in my tent to veg big enuf to flower until adleast the 1st of feb so the cheese has a good 8/9 days drying then i can get the tent cleaned out and get them in there ;)

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heres the update on exodus cheese harvest 2011. i used 6 cuttins taken from a local cheese mother vegged them for two weeks using sensi grow a+b under a 600w hps flowered for 10 weeks using sensi bloom a+b - sensizym - bud candy

big bud - overdrive and final phase flush all from advanced nutrients. heres some pictures of my harvest hope you all like




i wish i could keep the hole bag :( lol


this is what i get to keep all the shit in the jars and the bubble hashhh wink_smile.gif


the second from last number 73 is compleat knock by far the nicest hash ive ever smoked. i payed 50 euro for 1 gram of royal jelly in barneys amsterdam and it cudnt come close to the exodus cheese hash all from a big bag of trim and shit lol


the 73 up close best hash ever !


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thanks all of you ive had a wonderful and bountaful harvest. ok im bak for the smoke report of the uk cloned exodus cheese.

  • TASTE very fruity, earthy taste.
  • SMELL incredibly smelly that all time exodus cheese smell.
  • EFFECT very strong long lasting stone defently a bedtime smoke.
HASH the hash is just something differnt its like the bud but 100 times better, stronger and tastier. lucky i got around 20 or so grams to smoke ;)

so back to my report i appoligise to all for not updating sooner just i have been very busy the last few weeks. i recently put 2 of best looking lady burn in the nft system under a 600w hps im also waiting on 4 super silver haze clones to join the lb off a friend i want to try lean more towards the sativa on this grow as im fed up of bein stoned all the time. so the moby dick will be used some time in a future grow ive got 3 seedlings of md sprouted under fluros they will go outdoors to get big once the light cycle is greater than 14 hours then the best lookin plants will be cloned and tested indoors and outdoors along with lady burn. i will upload pics once the super silver haze clones arrive thanks all.

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hello again and appoligies again lol havnt been able to update for a while had a hectik few weeks with my dog having pups and also trying to find work. the super silver haze went tits up and i didnt end up gettin them so thats a bumer but oh well i got a nice lady burn goin shes currently 31 days in flower and looking exelent heres some pics for u guys

day 10 flower



day 20 flower under canopy


and above day 20


day 28 flower below canopy


and above day 28


and a little bud shot day 28 flower


and finally today day 31 flower



hope u all like the pics and progress of lady burn i certanly am wink_smile.gif and sorry once again for the late posts i will try stay on the ball from now on. heres a pic of 1 of the pups and her sureget father lol


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hey man all is looking great

i am doing the same but this is my first scrog can you tell me when you flowered ( age and size)

i would love to be able to produce what you are producing

any extra hints and tips would be greatly appreciated

all the best man

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hey earthman all depends on the factors light,space,hydro,soil ?? i bin using hydro nft for my last 3 grows and on this current grow i vegged for around 3 weeks as the pheno i got from the seeds is a fast growing bushy plant, my tip for scrog is make sure ur plant,plants have plenty of branches and start to weve the main heads a week befrore u switch them over to allow the lower branches to stretch up that way once ur plants have stoped stretching 2/3 weeks ur net should be ramo wink_smile.gif hope this has helped if u need anymore info feel free to ask happy scrogin!!

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here for an update at day 49. ec has been taken from 1.9 to 0.8 ec. for the start of flushing all feeds have been stoped and am now watering with a flushing agent from advanced nutrients final phase. i think this pheno of the ladyburn will be a straight 9 weeker i hope as im dwn to my last half o of da exodus whatchutalkingabout_smile.gif heres some pics anyway hope u all like





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Hi. Nice looking plant. However, it just may be showing symptoms of magnesium defiecency. (Leaves curling up). Since you are already flushing I dont know whether it matters or not. Magnesium just plays role in both Photosynthesis and celluIar respiration, so it might not be a good idea to take it away from the plant completely even in the end. I have 4 LB74:s in 2 mini-hydros and had to deal with Mg-problem myself. It may be this baby just is a sucker for the element. Anyway I´m beginning to think I´ll be using epson salt as flushing agent in at least one of my grows. Happy harvest.

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thanks guys and thanks for the info trevor will bare it in mind next time i jus want to get this girl dwn she stinkin the gaf out lol will be bak for my last update on the 17th. next grow going dwn will be 2 ladyburn (cuttings) and 2 exodus cheese (cuttings) both in soil and will be scroged will carry that on this thread thanks again guys peace wink_smile.gif

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Umm... how long does it take before they start to exhibit their fragrance? (I hope they wont "stink" at any time... one way or another). I wont be able to conjure up any carbon filters for three weeks. (Financing sucks, hope not the timing). They have been 12/12 for three days now.

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