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maximus exudus

maximus exudus - moby dick and lady burn 1974 - 19-12-2010

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yeah man i have had this but i thought it was due to the heat and humidity regular_smile.gif

but i think it may have something to do with the plant. the ladyburn has really tight internodes, its like it is slightly deformed, but hey this grow has been far from perfect so it could be a number of things.

my discription of it would be (as you said) thick leaves but its almost got a tence look about them, is it the ladyburn your doing ?

anyways maximus i keep on looking at that photo of underneath and i just keep thinkin you lucky b****** lol

peace man

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yes earthman i got one of the ladyburn 74's in and also a superbud that has come out three leves at a time but the lady burn is really compact with almost no internode length and the leave are really thick and dark green as i have only germinated 1 seed i just thought it was a freak incident but i aslo read somewhere else on here that someone else had to do a few different seeds just to get 1 good 1.

ill keep you all posted to let you know how i get on.



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hey all sorry its been very long just i bin coo'd out my nut the last month lol the harvest turned out well with an impressive 14 oz yield dry. im not to keen on the lady burn gets u fukd jus not the flavour for me lol anyway heres some pictures of my harvest an of course the icolater witch i did enjoy all 20 grams of it wink_smile.gif


this pic is without the main heads regular_smile.gif lol


73 micron dont no how i do it but it tastes better thn any dam hash ive smoked?


25 micron

heres the new grow goin dwn 2 uk exodus cheese clones and 2 greenhouse lady burn clones


origanal uk exodus cheese clone


greenhouse lady burn clone


all 4


all 4 day 8 flower ec 1.4-1.5 temps kept between 23-25 for day and 18-20 for night


day 14 starting to realy bush out now this is wen il prune under the net and remove any large fan leaves


the uk exodus cheese!


and the ladyburn! hope u all enjoy big thanks to franco and greenhouse for letting me test these seeds

let me kno wen u sendin some nice sativa my way wink_smile.gif peace

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Cheers guys am realy looking forward to the next 1 as its soil and I'm hoping the flavour wil come out more in the lady burn I no it does in the cheese. lady burn is a good comercial plant just not the sort of thing I want to grow I'd rather stik with the cheese get flavour and yield. I will try update in a week or so bin bit busy with work en stuf latly

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Hi Maximus Exudus,

I am growing 7 Ladyburn and was wondering what the stretch is like on these babies. I have had them in my grow room for 4 weeks now (they are 38 days old from seed). They are under 2 x 600w MH in a RDWC system and cover about 40% of the room area. I am growing in a SCROG so need to know what the stretch is like to get my screen full. Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks man cain1.

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Very nice Grow Maximus.

20 Grams of hash, awesome, looks delicious.

Always nice to see another scrog,you have a very nice set up, clean and tidy.

Keep up the good work

Peacea to the highest


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Guest Ghost_doG

Nice setup man , and it seems like you're making the best of it. Same with those bags! How much trimming did you used to get 20g of bubble hash?

Good to know about the ladyburn, i think you said you grew AMS is she the same as ladyburn, more of a commercial strain?


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