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Wow, those buds look so tight and resinous. Great job growing! They are giving me a lot of desire to smoke and hahahaha

Good pictures, by the way. What camera do you use?



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Hi Jose, yes the buds at the tops of the plants are looking nice and frosty, thanks for the kind words man inner luv.


I know what you mean, oh man it would be great of we could download the images and smoke the bud in them.


The camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot 20.1 megapixels which produces good high resolution images, it wasn't dear it was about £80 when I bought it last year, I also have a Nikon CoolPix P3 8.1 megapixels that I bought a good few years ago which was quite dear it cost me about £150 at the time.


The Sony definitey produces higher resolution images, but the quality in low light conditions is poor compared to the Nikon, also the colour reproduction is not as good as the Nikon either, but in good light conditions or using the flash you can capture good high resolution images with plenty of detail, especially of trichomes which is what matters most.

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Another week has passed so it is time for another progress update on the 4 Exodus Chees autos.


They are all quietly building bud which are getting nice and solid looking and most of the pistles are brown except where new bud is forming.


I watered and fed 3 plants on Saturday one was looking a bit sad so I just gave her water and on Sunday she looked better, once their dirt is dry in a few days I will flush them then it will be just water for the following 14 days.


Here are some photos I took on Saturday before I watered and fed them.


Exodus Cheese auto's in the grow tent under LED.



Exodus Cheese side view (flash).



Exodus Cheese top view (flash).



Exodus Cheese lower buds that look nice and dense (flash).



Exodus Cheese lower buds that look a bit fluffy (flash).



Exodus Cheese bud at the top of a plant (flash).



Exodus Cheese bud close up (flash).



Some of the lower buds on a couple are still a bit fuffy looking and need to fill out, but they should be filled out by the time I cut them.


From the look of these the yeild won't be a good as I got from the first two, simply because I did not FIM them, they were in such a hurry, even with the first two I only just managed to FIM them a couple of times and suddenly they were flowering, but they shared the love amongst the lower stalks.


I love the Jack Herer even under 12/12 and full spectrum they just plod forwards allowing time to FIM then it gets busy flowering.


I will pop the Kings Kush autos next weekend and get the ball rolling on the next run.


Happy growing guys.



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Time for a little update.


I have been busy checking out root pouches the store I use stocks the 12, 16 and 22 litre sizes, but nobody seems to stock the .45 litre size which is 3 inch wide, but I found a site that stocks the 1 litre size which is 4 inches wide, so on Wednesday evening I ordered 4 pouches and they were delivered this afternoon, when I opened the package there were 5, so I got 1 free.


This morning I went to the local hydroponics store that I usually use and got 4 of the 12 litre size pouches and 4 saucers for them to sit in, the Stewart saucers are not wide enough, the local gardening shop is closed until next year and the others nearby havent got any dirt for seedlings so I got a pack of Root!T rooting sponges while I was at the hydro store, once the roots are established in the sponge I can then plant them into the 1 litre pouches.




Once they are established in the 1 litre pouch I can then put into the 12 litre pouches which they will finish in, I have a bag of BioBizz AllMix dirt ready which I recycled a couple of months ago by sieving out all the root material.


I just need to get a bottle of spring water tomorrow and I can get germinating the Kings Kush autos and get that ball rolling.


Tonight I flushed 2 of the Exodus Cheese their dirt was nice and dry, so I put 8 litres of tap water through each pot and the final run off was almost clear, I will either flush the other 2 plants tomorrow or Sunday when the light goes out at 6.30pm.


I noticed the Black Friday sale on the GHS store so I got 3 Sweet Mango autos to go with the single bean I got with my last order.


Happy growing guys...


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Hello gasman 

With the rootpouch or other fabric pouch is better the use it only for the final size .

the roots will push through and you will have to cut the pouch to transplant them .

I have already seen pictures where they have left the pouch and transplanted in larger without  remove the smaller pouch .

I have already seen square pouch that can open on one side I do not remember the name.

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Hey g22,


Yep I think your right and will take you guys advice and just pop them into the 12 litre pouches.


I know that Root Pouch do produce some with velcro fastenings up the side, as you say the problem here is if the roots penetrate the wall of the pouch I would then have to cut the pouch open to avoid damaging the roots or minimise damage.


The problem is knowing when the roots are close to the wall of the pouch, some plants can be more vigorous than others in growth so it would mean interferring with them to check the extent of the root structure, which is going to mean disturbing the plant to some degree and risks damaging the roots.


I suppose transplanting without removing the pouch is an option, but I think it is just easier to plant the root cube straight into the 12 litre pouches then they have unrestricted access to all the dirt in the pouch.


I will just have to be very careful watering and feeding in the early stages of veg so avoid nute lock, I will have to give them alternate feeds.

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Time for another progress update on the 4 Exodus Cheese autos, on Saturday I flushed the other 2 plants until the run off was almost clear, now it is a case of waiting for the dirt to dry out, all the trichomes are milky on the sugar leaves and buds.


The fan leaves are now going yellow and they are looking a bit scruffy, Ital collie :pleasantry:


Unfortunately after I took some photos yesterday I noticed some unwelcome visitors in an image of some lower buds on a plant, a whole heap of teeny weeny spiders, so I place the plants one at a time into the shower cubicle and sprayed them with Trounce.


When I checked them today I can see nothing is moving I will monitor things and maybe give them a light mist again to make sure.


Here are some images I took yesterday.


Exodus Cheese auto's in the grow tent under LED.



Exodus Cheese auto's side view (flash).



Exodus Cheese auto's top view (flash).



Exodus Cheese auto lower buds (flash).



Exodus Cheese auto top buds (flash).



Exodus Cheese auto top bud close up (flash).



Last but not least a close up of the spider mites.



On Saturday I bought a bottle of spring water and put the Kings Kush autos in water to soak for a good 8 hours, then I placed them on damp kitchen roll in a drawer, when I checked them on Sunday morning the CBD Kings Kush had not popped, but the other 3 had and their tap roots were just visible.


When I checked them last night the CBD KIngs Kush had popped and its tap root was visible I dripped some spring water on the kitchen roll to keep it damp and left them over nite in the drawer, this morning the tap roots on the none CBD Kings Kush were well visible and the CBD Kings Kush the tap root was easily visible and catching up with the others.


So tonite I put them into 4 of the Root!t sponges and put them in the tent, with the Exodus Cheese ready for when the light comes one tomorrow.


I will have to start a new journal once they get going in a few days, happy growing guys.



Likkle more

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Time for a progress update on the 4 Exodus Cheese autos.


Spraying all of the plants with Trounce definitely got rid of the unwelcome visitors when I checked a few days after my last update using a magnifying glass I could see all the beenie spider mites were well dead, fortunately they only interferred with one plant, but to be safe I sprayed all of the plants in case they were just starting to move in on the other plants.


By Saturday the 01 December the dirt in all the plants pots was starting to dry, but it was still very damp, most of the fan leaves on all the plants had gone yellow and were drying out, they were all looking well scruffy.


The trichomes on all the plants were well milky so I decided to cut them and harvest, here are some photos.


Exodus Cheese auto's in the grow tent under LED.



Exodus Cheese auto's side view normal light (flash).



Exodus Cheese auto's top view normal light (flash).



Exodus Cheese auto lower bud one normal light (flash).



Exodus Cheese auto lower bud two normal light (flash).



Exodus Cheese auto top bud one normal light (flash).



Exodus Cheese auto top bud two normal light (flash).



Exodus Cheese auto top bud three normal light (flash).



Exodus Cheese auto top bud close up normal light (flash).



Harvest images.

Exodus Cheese auto fan leaves stripped normal light (flash).



Empty plant pots normal light (flash).



Fan leaves in cardboard box normal light (flash).



Exodus Cheese trim and clippers normal light (flash).



Half of the Exodus Cheese bud drying normal light (flash).



The other half of the Exodus Cheese bud drying normal light (flash).



The bud has now been hanging and drying on the stalk since Saturday afternoon when I harvested them and it is pretty dry now I will cut the bud off the stalks and put it in brown paper bags when it stops leaving damp spots on the paper I will put it in a jar.


I will definitely have an ire crismuss I have plenty of Passion #1 which has cured nicely, I have a bit of the last couple of Exodus Cheese and most

of the Jack Herer which I have hardly smoked it is curing nicely the bud is so sticky an ripe, I love that earthy herby aroma and taste, the hit is a

good strong body hit with a narcotic high, very similar to Kings Kush, for me this is lambs bread.


Its taken some heavy manners not to indulge in the Jack Herer and save it for crismuss but it will be well worth it, not long to go now.


After I had harvested the Exodus Cheese I mixed the last bit of fresh dirt with the recycled dirt and put it in the root pouches and then I put some

of the Plant Magic Old Timer granules in the dirt and planted all the Kings Kush seedlings into the 12 litre root pouches and then I gave them 60ml of spring water each.


The granules contain lots of good bacteria and promote a healthy root zone and improved productivity and disease resistance.


I also got some Oldtimer Organic Magnesium for preventing Magnesium deficiencies


I forgot to get some OLDTIMER ORGANIC PK 4-8 while I was at the hydro store I will have to pop back and get some.


I have got the LED lamp on the veg light about 18 inches above the seedlings and they are not stretching and seem happy, the dirt around each

seedling looked dry tonight so I gave each one 40ml of spring water, I will reset the lamp timer from 12/12 to 18/6 for the rest of the month.


Next time I water them I will give them a mild solution of root stimulant and veg food, and do alternate waterings and feedings.


I will do a smoke report in a few days, the trim is now dry I used some with some cured Passion #1 today and it was nice.


I bought 3 Sweet Mango autos in the black friday sale, ready for my next run, there was a snaffu with the store anyway long story short the support staff were awsome and I got a Super Lemon Haze auto and a Super Critical auto bean and some skins and 2 grinders, I am well pleased.


Next job start a journal for the Kings Kush in a few days now they are established, happy growing guys.



Likkle more


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Oh yeah I am well pleased with the Root!t sponges.


When I planted the Kings Kush seedlings all the sponges had little roots poking out all over them and the ones coming out the bottom were air pruned.


Definitely a better method than using seedling dirt in a 3 inch plastic pots, definitely a great product.


Happy growing.



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The day after my last progress update the Exodus Cheese bud was ready to cut off the stalks.


So in the late afternoon I got out the clippers and cut all the bud off the stalks in total I got 40 grams of bud, which was dry enough to put into mason jars, the bud from the tops of each plant I put into a separate jar with the bud from the top of the two from the last run.


Anyhoo here are some images of the bud.


Cutting Exodus Cheese bud off stalks.



Exodus Cheese bud on scales.



Exodus Cheese in mason jars.



Exodus Cheese bud next to Clipper lighter for scale.



Exodus Cheese bud close up.



Exodus Cheese in grinder.



Exodus Cheese in spliff.



Then I man smoked up the spliff, it was nice, the aroma from the bud reminds me of hash, the taste is also hash like, but there is also this spicey

or peppery thing too, sometimes I can taste it as I smoke a spliff, but most of the time it is when I go out of the room then come back and I notice

the peppery spicey thing.


The vibe is a nice body stone and high that lasts a few hours.


The Kings Kush babies are doing great, now I have completed this journal I will start one for the Kings Kush, happy growing guys.



Likkle more

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