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GHSC Bio Bloom, Bio Enhancer and PK booster

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Hey i have finished moving and after one miserable tent grow i have now setup the new grow room. It is not perfect finish yet, but this will be a test run of the new setup. Especially looking at how i will control the high humidity.

The setup is as follows

40w exhaust fan

15w circulation fan X2

110w COB LED X2

The room is covered in panda plastic and is 120cm x 110cm - much like a tent.

In this run i will be growing 8x Green Love Potion and 6x White Rhino.

The 8GLPs have vegged some time and will get topped multiple times. The 6WRs will hopefully develop one nice cola, kinda SOG, but these clones did very badly and i will see how goes...

12/12 light cycle was initiated 02/09 and i hope to give 8weeks exactly so i can start the next proper SOG grow quickly :D





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The growth is fine and pistils are showing on the GLP. I need to make something to move my WRs closer to the light.

Gave alittle PK booster and white sugar.


Out here in the country is alot of problems with insects :D i use Amblyseius califronicus, Hypoaspis miles and ladybugs.

Also i found this insect in the growroom - never seen something like that before.




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Good growing, temp is starting to drop.

I gave her the second and final defoliation in flowering Day 22 of flowering.

Last Photo is from Day 24 of flowering.

Praying and Shining :D I love these Cree CXA 3070 and GHSC feeding.

And cannot wait for the buds to fatten.




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Great grow here, but i have question, why do you defoliate as much your plant?


I love to defoliate too but much less than you so maybe i can inprove the technique


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Yea starting to smell;) these Green Love Potion are not as stinky as the small white rhinos tho  :P

Cannot wait for next run of full white rhino ;D

I normally dont defoliate this much, only half normally. So i cant tell if i have better yeilds. But i have a problem with high humidity in this growroom and this aggressive defoliation has helped alot and immediately. And actually the lower popcorn buds are looking Better this run then last run of GLP where i did no defoliation - but maybe a middle way is better? :D




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It is definetly cooler then the HID lamps (MH/,HPS), but and i cant give you exact numbers. I ordered mine here and have a couple of very nice grows. Are they genuine Cree cxa3070 chips? Probably not.. but for the price it is very good light.



Iam using the mineral PK booster from GHSC - so this is not a bio grow( i hope i havent mislead anyone). And i just wanna add that this is maybe the best PK booster i have ever used! Very balanced and seem to fit different feeding schedules - more funding and testing is needed tho ;P 


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On 05/10/2018 at 0:00 PM, sliver1 said:

Iam using the mineral PK booster from GHSC - so this is not a bio grow( i hope i havent mislead anyone). And i just wanna add that this is maybe the best PK booster i have ever used! Very balanced and seem to fit different feeding schedules - more funding and testing is needed tho ;P 



Thank you for the good feedback! The PK Booster is indeed very effective and we have had great results and good feedback from growers with all different base nutrients. 

Personally, I don't like to mix organic and mineral nutrients but that's just my opinion. It certainly works and the plants seem to like it! 

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Thanks guys! 

Yea the organic Vs mineral/conventional debate is always interesting and very complicated. I just like to mix it up, MASH UP! :D

Things are going okay in the growroom. They are nice and frosty and really smelling now. That fruity sweet skunky smell with tones of diesel/fuel - this smell reminds me alot of the RKS from reserva privada, and i loved that strain, so iam getting very impatient :D

Maybe i will give one last feeding with PK and abit og sugar. Or maybe just start flushing..




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So the final outcome looks nice. Too many smaller popcorn buds for my liking, but i think i removed too little notes from the bottom.

The gram/watt talk is interesting, but in this grow the aim wasnt to get the biggest yeild. For that i would need a different strain and some more fine tuning of the nutes :D

Another problem i have with the gram/watt is that people only list the wattage of their lights. The entire growroom uses alot more watts then the lights alone - but this creates the dilemma of unfair comparisons between grows seasons and locations. As different grows will need different amount of ventilation, humidification and/or dehumidification.

Another problem i have with this gram/watt talk is it doesnt reflect the amount of light hours. Autoflower and photoperiod g/w yeild do not compare as the lights will be listed as same wattage, but one runs much longer hours and there use more watt over the grow. 12/12 photoperiod cannot compare to 24/0 autoflower...

Also i have a problem with later addition of light in the flowering period. I ran 2xchinese COB LEDs for the entire grow period. They run 115w each but 217w when connected in a daisy chain (whats up with that? Must be some resistance in the lights daisy chain connect? It should be 230w?). In flower week 8 i added the mars Hydro LED which run 135w.

So what is my g/w?

Should i calculate using the wattage of all lights or only the ones i used through the entire flower? Or should i calculate KWh used? I lean towards the latter of calculating KWh of the entire grow/cycle of the plant - but this is not the standard we use.

Also i think it is unfair if i have to divide my grams by 352w instead of 217w, as it will give me a much lower g/w yeild ;D


So... WTF did i yeild? :D

I think i have been avoiding the subject enough, but also i harvested one plant early because papa needed his smoke :D which is distorting the yeild result..

But from that one plant i measured 22g after smoking some of it.

The rest og the planets yeilded 202g, so total 224g of bud. 


224g/217w= 1,03grams/watt


This is the calculation i chose to go with and as you can see (if you read my entire blabbering post) i think there are a few points of error in that calculation, but it is the one that satisfies me the most lol :D





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Hi silver1 great points about working out wattage to gram of finished product,


Yes I think like g22 that the wattage value used for the calculation is the wattage of the light used in the grow, which as silver1 points out does not account for running the light at different photoperiods or any kit to control the enviroment such as fans, heaters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers etc.


All seed banks use the lamp wattage as a benchmark, from a marketing perspective it makes the strain sound more attractive to potential customers browsing their web site or printed material looking to buy some beans, we all want plenty of bang for our buck. 


Nice yield and nice looking buds,  enjoy...


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