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White Widow anyone

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Hey everyone I purchased some ghs white widow seeds after smoking some a friend got at a dispencery. For only 12%thc its still some of the best weed I smoked. I was wondering how it does outdoors in a climate that gets plenty of rain in the spring and summer with temps in the summer between 70-90 degrees until september, then september it gets between 60-80 degrees usually, and october mainly between 50-70 give or take a few. Its not a rainy fall but enough to keep the plants happy, maby once a week or two. And we usually dont get fog but in late september through october the humidity meter reads between 90 and 100% between 3-7 in the morning. Other than that the humidity is usually about 40-50% when the suns out and it slowly creeps up once the sun goes down.

Also is it a hardy strain? And when is the average harvest outdoors for the ww. Does it prefer a greenhouse in fall or does it like cool (not cold) temperature?

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with the temperature you mentioned, ww will perform ok ...Im only worried about the spring season..if you get rain for a lot of days your babies will stretch a lot! It happend to me last year...

the other problem is the humidity 90/100% in fall could cause mold to the buds!

If you have a greenhouse and can check humidity better..go for it! otherwise I can advice you

Green-O-Matic , it's autoflowering can yield up to 25grams per plant and you harvest in 8-9 weeks from seed!

have a look here www.strainhunters.com/portal/node/949

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Thanks im gladd im not the only one who noticed. Im confused who too much rain can make them stretch? And with my temps being ok, so it likes warmer temps? Im going to give it a go, but I would like to hear others experiences if they grew the widow outdoors. I cant seem to find the average harvest date, think it would be good by end of october? Thanks.

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Ok thanks blaze, dont think that will be a problem, as always I germ them in early april and usually transplant around middle of may and my spot gets about 8 hours sun a day and never gave me a problem in the past with stretch.

So does the widow keep its white crystaly appearance when outdoors? Still wondering about hardyness, and harvest window. Thanks everyone for the replies.

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Well I have 5 white widows germing right now, Im going to veg them indoors for a while until they go outdoors in may. I like to grow fairly large plants, I grow out in the woods in patches of brambles (sharp thorny plants) that gets alot of sun.

Anyways if anyone has any experience growing WW outdoors I would like to hear what you have to say, anything. From what I read harvest window is between beginning to middle of october which is good. Is it a heavy feeder? And hows the hardyness with this strain?

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Thanks fuzzy, I found some outdoor grow journals with your white widow, It seems everyone who grows it likes it. I germed them only a week ago and they all 5 sprouted, but what gets me is they are growing faster than any bagseed I grew in the past. Thanks

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